Compete with other servers to count as high as possible.

Created By: Duck# 0001

How to set up the bot

  1. Make a channel with the name #counting or type c!channel in the channel you want to count in.
  2. Start counting in that channel.


  • c!cs - View the top ten current scores.
  • c!hs - View the top ten high scores.
  • c!ulb - View the top ten users.
  • c!user - Get a user's stats.
  • c!server - Get a server's stats.
  • c!vote - Vote for the bot to get saves.


  • Vote here to earn more saves. Check your amount of saves with c!vote.
  • If you have at least one save, you can continue counting when you type a number wrong.

More info

  • You can't count two numbers in a row.
  • If your server hasn't counted for a day, the number gets reset.
  • No botting.
  • Join Here if you have any questions.

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