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Compete with other servers to count as high as possible.


Server Count

Sample Servers


  1. Make a channel with the name #counting or type c!channel in the channel you want to count in if you want to use a different name.
  2. Start counting in the channel, beginning with 1.

Join our Discord if you have any questions.

Counting Rules

  • One person can't count two numbers in a row. (A friend/partner is required)
  • No botting.
  • If you break count, a "save" will be docked from your save count if you have any. Otherwise, the count will reset.


  • Vote here to earn more saves. Check your amount of saves with c!vote.
  • If you have at least one save, you can continue counting when you type a number wrong.

User Commands

Input fields prefixed with a ? are optional.

  • c!cs ?[pagenumber] - View the top ten current scores.
  • c!lb ?[pagenumber] - View the top ten high scores.
  • c!ulb ?[pagenumber] - View the top ten users.
  • c!slb ?[pagenumber] - View the top ten users in your guild.
  • c!user ?[@user/user id] - Get a user's stats.
  • c!server - Get the current server's stats.
  • c!donatesave - Donate a save to the current guild. (Adds 0.2 of a guild save.)
  • c!transfersave [@user/user id] - Gift one save from your balance to another user with a tax of 0.5.
  • c!vote - Vote for the bot and get saves.
  • c!stats - Show statistics on the bot and your current shard.

Admin Commands

  • c!failrole [@role/role id] - Set a role for the bot to add to members who ruin a count. To disable, run command without specifying a role.
  • c!channel - Configure the bot to listen in a specific channel, instead of the default channel #counting.
  • c!numbersonly [on/off] - Enable numbers-only mode. Ruins the count if any message is sent if it is not either a valid number or bot command.
  • c!language ?[languageCode] - Set the language that the bot responds in in your guild.

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Made by Duck#0001, Maintained by tt2468#2468

User Reviews


Based on 93 reviews

avatar of D4rK
D4rK 2 months ago

It's high quality and very fun... Until someone says that the number that goes after 132 is 69.


avatar of BluePlusSymbol
BluePlusSymbol 2 months ago

Literally the most addicting Discord bot game ever! :D


avatar of TheNerdofLife
TheNerdofLife 2 months ago

Fun for when you're bored and adds competition too.


avatar of Hoody_M3LLOW
Hoody_M3LLOW 2 months ago

Godly bot, but I wish there was a way to assign a role when someone gets to 100 or 1000


avatar of PaperMario
PaperMario 2 months ago



avatar of Reset_
Reset_ 2 months ago

rlly nice, very easy to set up should be a messge after 1 day that sais it was reset tho


avatar of mint
mint 2 months ago



avatar of midoriya izuku
midoriya izuku 2 months ago



avatar of Idanrub
Idanrub 2 months ago

how can I channel the prefix?


avatar of 卐bru
卐bru 2 months ago

Ah yes i wish a dashboard would exist


avatar of jean_ravenclaw
jean_ravenclaw 2 months ago

It's better thn other counting bots; you can actually speak, it adds reactions, etc. Although would be nice to change the prefix.


avatar of KuhBoom
KuhBoom 2 months ago

When trying to vote it says I can do so after watching an ad. However there is no ad?? I can't vote because of this, help!

avatar of counting
counting 2 months ago

That's an issue with top.gg, not the bot.

Replying to KuhBoom