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A new-made Music Bot named "Melody", which can play songs from youtube or Soundcloud with stunning Quality, Still working on more features.



“Melody” is a newly created Discord bot with 24/7 uptime, in Javascript and nodejs. So far it has only one feature, that is Music. In future we would look forward to add new features and more.

type +help to see the available Commands for this bot and +info to see bot's information

Some Music Commands👇 +info - get bot's information

+Help - Show Commands

+play - Play a song from youtube

+pause - pause music

+lyrics - give lyrics of the current song

+shuffle - shuffles the playlist

+resume - resume music

+np - Get information about the current playing song

+skip - Skip to the next song

invite - Invite the bot

ping - check bot's latency

uptime - check bot's uptime

vote - vote on

+stop - Stop playing music/leave voice channel

+volume - adjust the volume of the music

+queue - to see the full song queue

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