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Hip Hop Tamizha

A simple music bot which all indians must love its name and logo.



Welcome to Hip Hop Tamizha

Commands &join   Joins a voice channel. &leave   Clears the queue and leaves the voice channel. &loop   Loops the currently playing song. &now     Displays the currently playing song. &pause   Pauses the currently playing song. &play   Plays a song. &queue   Shows the player's queue. &remove Removes a song from the queue at a given index. &resume Resumes a currently paused song. &shuffle Shuffles the queue. &skip   Vote to skip a song. The requester can automatically skip. &stop   Stops playing song and clears the queue. &summon Summons the bot to a voice channel. &volume Sets the volume of the player. &help   Shows a help command message &invite Invite the bot

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