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this bot has over 10 commands and can play music!



this bot plays music and has 16 commands including music ones it can also put you afk by using the afk command,it also has a warn command and more!

here is a list of its commands

Help commands 1.+kick mentionuser 2.+ping bot will reply back with pong 3.+say,must say a word you wanna say 4.+meme 5.+warn mentionuser 6.+reason memtionuser and type the reason why user has been warned 7.+Warnings mentionuser to view his warnings 8.+avatar mentionuser 9.+ban mentionuser 10.+work 11.+bal 12.+afk pls enter reason 13.+unafk 14.+invite ,this will give you the invite link to the bot 15.+play songs name ,note this command does not work all of the time. 16.+server invite ,this will semt you a invite link to our support server. 17.+dice 18.+8ball 19.+servers this command shows how many servers bots in +userinfo,this shows some info on your account like name,tag,id and ehen it was created 20.+botinfo this shows info on abigale like its name,tag,id how many people using it and how many servers its in and when it was created

Music Commands play, pause, resume, queue, clear-queue, shuffle, np, loop, volume, skip, stop.


Eldi commands DEVELOPMENT

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