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Pinu was specially developed to ensure a stable and clean sound without interference! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~



PINU downloads the music to generate a stable and clean sound


Available Commands:

!alias (name) (actual command) Creates command aliases. Useful for making simple commands on the fly.

!aliases Lists all recorded aliases. !announce (message) Bot sends message in text to speech.

!cmdauth (userid) (get/toggle) (command) Gets/toggles command usage permissions for the specified user.

!dequeue Dequeues the given song index from the song queue. Use the queue command to get the list of songs in the queue.

!eval (command) Executes arbitrary javascript in the bot process. User must have "eval" permission.

!idle Sets bot status to idle. !invite Generates an invite link you can use to invite the bot to your server.

!msg (user) (message to send user) Sends a message to a user the next time they come online.

!online Sets bot status to online.

!pause pauses music playback !ping Responds pong; useful for checking if bot is alive.

!play (search terms|URL) Plays the given video in the user's voice channel. Supports YouTube and many others:

!playlist (|spotify:playlist:...) plays spotify playlists !queue [-s] prints the current music queue for this server. -s to print in concise form

!resume resumes music playback

!say (message) Bot sends message

!shuffle Shuffles the play queue

!skip skips to the next song in the playback queue


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