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A bot for running Halo: Mythic and other pen and paper RPGs in the 100 Degrees of Success family over Discord.






Mythicbot is designed to automate several of the more time consuming processes that arise during play of 100 Degrees of Success over Discord, chiefly series of attacks or fully automatic attacks. It also includes a basic dice rolling function and a function for rolling skill tests. Below are some examples of syntax for the available commands.

?attack 9 target 70: Rolls 9 attacks at a warfare ranged skill of 70 after all modifiers. It will roll each attack and output success or failure, on success it will calculate the degrees of success on that attack and figure damage location/sublocation.

?skill 55: Rolls a skill test at a characteristic of 55 after all modifiers. The bot will determine success or failure and on a success will calculate the degrees of success on the skill test. An optional, single word, second argument can add a note or name to the roll to better differentiate between multiple rolls.

?roll 2d10+20: Rolls two ten sided dice and adds a static modifier of 20 to the result.

?help: The bot will list the above available commands and give more examples of syntax.

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