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Bot for school purpose, it's a project.






Bot for school purpose, it's a project.
I'm trying to replicate some of the features the #1 bot of this site have.
This bot doesn't gonna have support once I did the presentation of this project.
When I learned a bit more, this bot is gonna be supported and much more functional (also isn't gonna try to replicate any bot).

Since I started until the writing of this description, this are the current commands:

  • jr!help
  • jr!invocar OR jr!i
  • jr!invocar home OR jr!ih
  • jr!invocar dona OR jr!id
  • jr!like 'characterName' OR jr!l 'characterName'
  • jr!info 'characterName'
  • jr!vendre 'characterName' OR jr!v 'characterName'
  • jr!llista
  • jr!top (Will list all the characters)
  • jr!daily
  • jr!perfil
  • jr!lvl 'characterName'
  • jr!lvlup
  • jr!combat 'userName' 'characterName'
  • jr!intercanvi 'userName' 'characterName'
  • jr!premium

More info (isn't in english):

Invite the bot:

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