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Help Menu Prefix: r?SSBOOST FILTER INFORMATION You can now change the gain of your Bassboost from 1-20! Example: ?bassboost 10Makes a Bassboost with 10db Gain PREMADE CUSTOM PLAYLISTS there are several Custom playlists which you can play, each one has 75 songs!

  1. Charts
  2. Christmas
  3. Jazz
  4. Blues
  5. Country
  6. Rock more coming soon play them by r?playlist

DIO STATIONS there are over 200 radio stations available, you can see them by typing r?radio and play them by r?radio <stationnum.> ​ ​

BOT BY: @JAGUAR JAGUAR#4372INVITE Support Server Music - Supported sources Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, More, ...

Help Menu Prefix: r? use the Prefix infront of EACH command, to use it correctly! INFORMATION COMMANDS dj, help, invite, ping, uptime, vote

MUSIC COMMANDS addrelated, autoplay, playlist, clearqueue, custom, forward, grab, join, jump, loop, lyrics, moveme, mycustom, nowplaying, pause, play, playsc, playskip, radio, removetrack, replay, resume, rewind, search, searchrelated, searchsc, seek, shuffle, skip, status, stop, volume

Setup commands adddj, removedj, prefix, reset

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