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Token Scanner

A simple bot to detect Discord bot tokens in chat and reset them.


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Token Scanner

This discord bot is made to detect when a token for a discord bot is sent in chat. when it detects a token, it immediately resets that token via GitHub Secret Scanning.


  • How does the bot detect when a token is sent? Token Scanner uses Regex to check for messages that match a regex expression for a discord token.
  • How can you reset tokens? This bot uses a feature of GitHub meant to protect bot developers by scanning for discord tokens within code, so this bot uploads the token to github, where the token is immediately sent to discord in order to revoke.
  • How can I trust that you aren't stealing my tokens? Because of the way this bot works, there's no time for any of the tokens caught to be used before they're reset, just try sending it one of your tokens and you'll see how quickly you get a discord system message about your token.

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