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numb is a multipurpose bot with Moderation ⨯ Music ⨯ Interactions and many more to come.



⨯ to get help with anything just type .help ⨯ numb only supports youtube for music for now

INFO .help .ping .topservers INTERACTIONS .hug USER .kiss USER .pat USER .slap USER .spank USER .tickle USER MODERATION .kick USER - Kick a user. .ban USER - Ban a user. .clear Number - clear chat .mute USER - mute a user. .unmute USER - unmute a user. MUSIC .ban .clear .kick .mute .unmute .play - Play a song or playlist. .skip - Skip to the next song or the specified song. .loop - Repetition of music. .queue - Loop in playlist .stop - get out of the call.

⨯ more commands to come

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