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  • Holo's Apples Icon
    5,361 members 186 emotes
    Holo's Apples

    Friendly | Active | Fun | Lots of bots! | Cute Emotes | 25+ Color Roles | OSU Streamer | Join Holo's Apples and make some great new friends!

    Anime, Gaming
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  • Chill Corner Icon
    250,005 members 89 emotes
    Chill Corner

    A friendly server to chill out and have fun with friends. Meet new people from all over the world!

    Social, Fun
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  • 243,037 members 372 emotes
    Anime Soul Discord

    Anime Discord | Gaming | Social | Fun | LoL community with 240+ emotes, join us today!

    Anime, Gaming
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  • ida's cafe ♡ Icon
    229,842 members 500 emotes
    ida's cafe ♡

    ida's cafe is a friendly, welcoming Discord chill community sever full of fun anime-related (global) emotes. Serving comfort 24/7.

    Anime, Emotes
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  • Gif Base    210k 🔥 Icon
    209,630 members 436 emotes
    Gif Base 210k 🔥

    Gif server

    Giveaway, Anime
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  • Discord Emoji & Servers Icon
    173,276 members 298 emotes
    Discord Emoji & Servers

    The best way to find Emoji for use on Discord. --> miles gay

    Emotes, Developer
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  • 💙2D>3D Icon
    143,239 members 283 emotes


    Anime, Social
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  • Nyan's Kawaii Cafe🌺 Icon
    142,536 members 507 emotes
    Nyan's Kawaii Cafe🌺

    A very cute server with 2 Global Emotes and 400 Local Emotes (≧◡≦) (´• ω •`) (◕‿◕)(´• ω •`) ♡ UWU PLEASE ADOPT ME

    Emotes, Anime
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  • ??? Official Server Icon
    138,721 members 49 emotes
    ??? Official Server

    A fun and friendly community centered around Pokécord, a Discord bot that lets you catch, trade and collect pokémon!

    Economy, Fun
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  • Naruto Discord Icon
    118,212 members 329 emotes
    Naruto Discord

    A naruto discord for naruto and anime fans

    Anime, Gaming
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    111,138 members 60 emotes

    The lamp server on which so many people use VC! 200+

    Anime, Social
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  • Secret Lab Icon
    105,222 members 509 emotes
    Secret Lab

    Secret Lab. 9 Global emotes.

    Emotes, Anime
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  • Gay & Comfy. Icon
    103,048 members 376 emotes
    Gay & Comfy.

    ♔ It's a personal, but public server with global emotes that happens to be owned by a big gay lesbian who likes comfy things.

    Anime, Emotes
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  • Chillbar Icon
    96,995 members 500 emotes

    Chill & Active Community ❤ Anime ⭐ Social ⭐ 24/7 VC ⭐ Gaming ⭐ Relaxed Atmosphere ⭐ Meet New People ⭐ Custom Bots ⭐ 500 emoji's ⭐ And more!

    Anime, Emotes
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  • Weeb Empire Icon
    90,733 members 304 emotes
    Weeb Empire

    Weeb Empire is a large weeb server featuring a huge and active anime community. Come and make some friends! We've got Global emotes too!

    Anime, Social
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  • 85,490 members 388 emotes
    My Hero Academia Official

    A fan of Boku No Hero Academia? Join the official partnered My Hero Academia (MHA/BNHA) discord server for the series!

    Anime, Emotes
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