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Anime Discord Servers

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  • Arisu's Café 🎃 Icon
    17,195 members 500 emotes
    Arisu's Café 🎃

    Own OC | 500 Emojis/Emotes | Active Chats | Café Theme | Giveaways | Events | Anime | Gaming | Social | Fun (人◕ω◕)

    Anime, Emotes
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  • Chill Corner Icon
    213,892 members 88 emotes
    Chill Corner

    A friendly server to chill out and have fun with friends. Meet new people from all over the world!

    Social, Fun
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  • 199,832 members 329 emotes
    Anime Soul Discord

    Anime Discord | Gaming | Social | Fun | LoL community with 240+ emotes, join us today!

    Anime, Gaming
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  • Kudasai Icon
    166,817 members 175 emotes

    ¡Somos el servidor de anime más grande en hablahispana!

    Anime, Gaming
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  • ida's spooky cafe 👻 Icon
    156,239 members 429 emotes
    ida's spooky cafe 👻

    ida's cafe is a friendly, welcoming Discord chill community sever full of fun anime-related (global) emotes. Serving comfort 24/7.

    Anime, Emotes
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    102,965 members 154 emotes

    The lamp server on which so many people use VC! 200+

    Anime, Social
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  • 2D>3D Icon
    81,375 members 186 emotes


    Anime, Social
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  • Kawaii Server🌺 Icon
    79,443 members 506 emotes
    Kawaii Server🌺

    A very cute server with 2 Global Emotes and 400 Local Emotes (≧◡≦) (´• ω •`) (◕‿◕)(´• ω •`) ♡ UWU PLEASE ADOPT ME

    Emotes, Anime
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  • Victoria's Wonderland Icon
    64,436 members 53 emotes
    Victoria's Wonderland

    a community that's slowly reviving itself.

    Anime, Meme
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  • F Λ T E Icon
    63,232 members 272 emotes
    F Λ T E

    A server dedicated to the Fate/ series from Type Moon! *We also have 5 global emotes.*

    Anime, Gaming
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  • Random Icon
    52,006 members 151 emotes

    4chan Discord for chatting, gaming, anime, music and many other things.

    Anime, Gaming
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  • No Game No Life - Anime & Gaming Icon
    48,463 members 244 emotes
    No Game No Life - Anime & Gaming

    Anime server with private osu server, unique points system, roles, open loot cases, automated simulcasts, gacha and more.

    Anime, Apex Legends
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  • KawaiiBot Hangout Icon
    47,156 members 40 emotes
    KawaiiBot Hangout

    The official hangout to KawaiiBot, the kawaii bot with fun commands.

    Anime, Fun
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  • SmG Gaming Icon
    40,799 members 411 emotes
    SmG Gaming

    ❤Gaming, Anime, and Fun. :) We have 40,000 Members, 300 EMOTES, GIVEAWAYS, Events, and an active VOICE CHAT! ❤ Website: https://smgclan.net/

    Fortnite, Gaming
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  • Anti-Social Society Icon
    37,543 members 145 emotes
    Anti-Social Society

    TECH⭐KPOP⭐ANIME⭐ART⭐GAMES⭐A-SS A-SS is the most non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill place about forging friendships. PMA♡

    Gaming, Fun
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  • Animekos Icon
    34,595 members 68 emotes

    3 anime global emotes, a friendly community, paid advertisements, and a free promo channel for all!

    Anime, Social
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