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  • Holo's Apples Icon
    5,361 members 186 emotes
    Holo's Apples

    Friendly | Active | Fun | Lots of bots! | Cute Emotes | 25+ Color Roles | OSU Streamer | Join Holo's Apples and make some great new friends!

    Anime, Gaming
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  • Dank Memer Support Icon
    321,543 members 322 emotes
    Dank Memer Support

    The official support server for the largest and best meme bot on Discord!

    Support Server, Meme
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  • 282,356 members 158 emotes
    CallMeCarson Discord Cult

    Official server of YouTuber/Twitch streamer, CallMeCarson

    Meme, Stream
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  • Quackity's Kitchen Icon
    252,206 members 165 emotes
    Quackity's Kitchen

    Join the community where "Discord's Got Talent" was born! Events, games, and a seriously active chats and VCs!

    Gaming, Stream
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  • Gates Of Autism Icon
    245,126 members 511 emotes
    Gates Of Autism

    A meme server with a lot of special people! Everyone is welcome! We also have 5 global emotes you can use anywhere on Discord.

    Meme, Fun
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  • Slippy's Dream World Icon
    240,679 members 110 emotes
    Slippy's Dream World

    A very friendly community. Comes 25 GLOBAL Emotes, that you can use anywhere without Nitro!

    Social, Emotes
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  • Jiango's Heavenly Realm Icon
    185,833 members 512 emotes
    Jiango's Heavenly Realm

    Fun and active server for chatting, memes, and gaming!

    Meme, Emotes
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  • e-dgy Icon
    148,019 members 215 emotes

    Dystopian cyberpunk server. Memes, misfits -- incredibly active with up to 100,000 messages a day. Take the e-dgy pill -- wake up!

    Social, Meme
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  • ឵឵ Icon
    98,503 members 77 emotes

    Meme Server with Global Emotes and a lot of Giveaways, join now :)

    Emotes, Meme
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  • e-Chat Lounge Icon
    78,415 members 230 emotes
    e-Chat Lounge

    Active community open to anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and 100 Google blob emoji!

    Social, Meme
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  • 68,522 members 191 emotes

    Уютное место для всех, кто хочет расслабиться, поболтать, найти новых друзей или просто прекрасно провести время. Здесь Вы найдете огромное

    Anime, Social
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  • Victoria's Wonderland Icon
    64,436 members 53 emotes
    Victoria's Wonderland

    a community that's slowly reviving itself.

    Anime, Meme
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  • Cosmic Craft Icon
    54,799 members 129 emotes
    Cosmic Craft

    Please do not join this server Mc.CosmicMc.Net

    Minecraft, Meme
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  • StudGang Icon
    46,005 members 288 emotes

    GIVEAWAY RIGHT NOW! 6/15/2020 (TODAY!!)

    Social, Meme
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  • Socialize Icon
    45,641 members 173 emotes

    ♕ Socialize ♕ A rapidly growing hangout discord with over 45,000 members! ☆ Active Calls ☆ Text Chats ☆ Giveaways ☆ Custom Bots ☆ Events ☆

    Emotes, Meme
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  • MemeCord™ Icon
    44,380 members 67 emotes

    Meme Server with 35,000+ Members and a niche community of people!

    Meme, Economy
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