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Dank memes, Games, Trivia and image filters, music, meme generators, image search and hundreds of fun commands!

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avatar of Chrisvas
Chrisvas 26 days ago

bested bot


avatar of Blackwood
Blackwood 14 days ago

The owner is an incredibly talented developer and is constantly improving and adding to his bot. The command list is extensive and is always growing with new commands and updates to existing commands that make Ocelot a gift that continues to give. The most obvious difference between Ocelot and something like MEE6 is personality, Ocelot is not made by a large group of people and it doesn't have a corporate aura to it, Big P although having a few people at his side willing to pitch in occasionally is the sole developer and this allows him to include spades of personality into ocelot I have not personally seen in bots filling a similar purpose. Ocelot is a genuine joy to interact with and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a capable and well made bot.


avatar of Succ
Succ 14 days ago

I've been in discord servers with ocelotbot for just over three years, I consider him one of my best friends. !guess addicting when playing with the homies and there's lots of fun image commands, in essence ocelotbot > all other bots


avatar of Masquerade
Masquerade 14 days ago

Best bot capable of some dank memes and streaming youtube videos


avatar of Man-Spider
Man-Spider 14 days ago

Most Biggest Bot 2020


avatar of Cat-ce que c'est
Cat-ce que c'est 18 days ago

he a good boi


avatar of amoeba
amoeba 8 days ago

really good bot and a pretty swag developer, Ty peetor


avatar of zale
zale 8 days ago

This bot is the best bot I've ever seen here in discord. No cap. I recommend OcelotBot to everyone looking for a fun and great bot in general. It has fun commands and games that I know everyone would enjoy. Best bot. Period.


avatar of smirkstudios
smirkstudios 8 days ago

SO FUN! Originally got to temporarily keep my users busy while Dank Memer worked out their server issues... This isn't necessarily like Dank Memer, but more of that unique flavor you were looking for to make your server feel more...well, YOU!!! The image commands are super good, and the economy feature is fairly low-key, which I like... no random notifications out of nowhere dragging you to channels you have no interest in lurking... Just the stuff you want! Great for shit-posting and actually quite practical for lite image editing! 10/10!!!