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A mostly game oriented bot supporting games such as destiny and warframe aswell as features such as music

If you find any issues or have any suggestions feel free to join and discuss it on the server https://discord.gg/vC25YcMcwe or use the built in bug report command by using !bugreport


The Armory is a discord bot with many different features. Occassionally more are being added. It started out as a bot to post news about games before discord had a built-in feature for it and for games which do not have a discord prescence. The bot has later changed its focus to supporting music and various things around Destiny and Warframe.


Here are some of the basic commands included in the bot that are useful for both learning about the various commands and how to set it up for new servers.

All commands shown here are using the default prefix of !. This can be changed by using the following command !settings prefix <prefix> and replace the <prefix> with whatever prefix you want the bot to use.

If you somehow forget the prefix or for some other reason cant interact with the bot it is possible to use a mention instead of the prefix like this @The Armory ping would work the same way as !ping

Most commands in the bot will show their usage by listing their required arguments which can have 2 different formats to show whether or not it is a require argument or optional. An argument [like this] means it is optional while if it is <like this> it is a required argument. So any argument given in either of those formats should not be included in the command but instead be replaced by the value you want to use.

Command Description
!commands Gives a list of all available commands. This will only show the commands a person is able to use and will be default not show all commands. To view the entire list of commands add -all after the command. This is to reduce clutter of the commands list
!help The help command takes the name of another command as an argument to explain that command
!cmd disable This is an administrator command that allows you to completly disable a specific command or command category
!cmd enable This is an administrator command that allows you to re-enable a command or category that has previously been disabled
!ping This command shows the bot's current ping
!invite This command posts an invite link for the bot
!userInfo This command will show basic info about a specific user, such as join date and roles
!reminder This command will allow you to se a message and time for the bot to remind you. An example of the format it uses is the following !reminder "Do the thing" 1h 5m will remind you about "Do the thing" in 1h and 5m. The order of the arguments does not matter but the message has to be surrounded by "
!reminders This command simply just shows a list of all of your current reminders

Settings and Role requirements

  • Server Settings

    • The bot has a system in place for settings per server. Currently this system is only used for changing the prefix.
    • To get a list of all the settings for a server simply use the base command !settings, this will give a list of all the settings available as well as their values.
    • To change any setting simply use !settings followed by the name of the setting you want to change and then the value you wish to set it to. Leaving the value empty will reset it to the default value.
  • Command Settings

    • The !settings command is also used for command specific settings allowing for example the disablement of the music system's vote system on the !skip command among others.
    • To view the different settings for a command simply type !settings and add the command as the first argument with the default or the personally chosen prefix. It will then show any possible settings for the command.
    • To change the value follow the same steps as the server settings but as previously stated add the command with prefix as the first argument for the settings command. For example !settings !clear should_vote false will disable the vote system for the clear command.
  • Role requirements of commands

    • Most commands by default have a permission requirement which states what permissions a user has to have through various roles to be able to perform this command. These are things like 'Administrator' for the settings command or having the permission to join the voice channel someone is trying to make the bot join.
    • In addition to the base permissions you can add specific role requirements for each command to limit it even further. This is done through the !assignRole command. This command allows the assigment of a role to a command where this role will then function as the minimum required role to use this command.
      • Minimum required role includes any role that has a higher position in the list of all roles and contains atleast every single permission the base required role has. So if the base required role for example has Manage Server but a higher role does not that higher role will be unable to perform the command.
      • To add to this there is also a system that allows "ignorning" of roles which means they will not be taken into account when checking for a higher role.
      • This can be done with the !ignoredRoles command like this: !ignoredRoles add RoleName where the roleName in the command is a regex string which is used for matching any roles which will then be ignored.
      • To see a list of all ignored roles that have been added and how many roles have been filtered out simply just use !ignoredRoles.
    • Similar to the !settings command it is important to include the prefix with a command when attempting to use !assignRole
    • White- and blacklist system
      • There is a system that allows black- or whitelisting of each command for a specific user, specific role or a channel.
      • Both commands use the same format, just replace -whitelist with -blacklist and vice versa.
      • To white- or blacklist any command simply type out the command like usual and add -whitelist <channel/user/role> <add/remove> <channel/user/role> after it. An example would be this !help -whitelist user add @User123 or !play -whitelist channel add #MusicChannel.
      • You can add any number of different filters to the same command. Meaning you can whitelist the !play command on a channel (so everyone, even if they don't have a role that allows its usage, can use it in that channel) and whitelist it for the 'pink' role (so they can use it everywhere) and blacklist that one person that keeps trying to rickroll you in voice channels.
      • To remove a single filter from a command you use the same method but simply change out add with remove. Example: !play -blacklist user remove @User123
      • Additionally you can clear all filters from a single command typing -blacklist clear or -whitelist clear. Example: !play -blacklist clear
      • The !filters command shows all commands that have a filter and what they are.
      • Only 'Administrators' have access to this system, any non 'Administrator' attempts at using it get ignored.

Music system

  • The bot has a music system with a youtube search but also allows you to play sound from other sources through a link. Examples of other sources: Twitch, Soundcloud, the discord link of an mp3 or mp4 (obviously sound only) file someone sent in some channel, etc.

  • There are two ways to make the bot join a voice channel. The first is to use the !join command which will join the current channel the user (that issued the command) is in. Additionally it can be given an argument, namely the name of a voice channel or the closest match with a voice channel's name to make it join a specific voice channel even if you're not in it. You will only be allowed to make the bot join a voice channel if you yourself have permission to join said voice channel.

  • The second way you can make the bot join is to simply queue up a song with the !play command. If the bot is not already in a voice channel it will join the same voice channel as the person that queued the song.

  • When the current queue is done playing the bot will automatically leave by itself. If you for some reason want it to leave early you can use !leave to make it instantly leave the voice channel.

  • Playing music

    • Playing music can be done through the !play command either with a direct url to a supported source such as a Youtube video, a SoundCloud link, a Twitch video etc, or it can be done with a search word which will make the bot default to searching youtube for a result.

    • When a search word is used the bot will respond with the top 5 results from Youtube. To select a video from the results list simply post the number of the video in chat to select it.

    • If a song is already playing when a new one is added it will simply be added to the end of the queue which can be viewed with !queue

  • The rest of the music commands below are very self-explanatory. All possible music commands can also be viewed with the !music command.

  • Most of the following commands are linked to a voting system which will either require either every non bot in the voice channel to vote either for or against or to wait for the timeout (20 seconds). If it times out due to not everyone voting, then it will decide if the command passes based on the amount of votes for or against from the ones who did vote.

  • The voting system can be bypassed by any 'Administrator' either by disabeling it with the !settings command explained earlier or by adding -f after the specific command to force said command without a vote.

Command Description
!queue View the current queue and the various settings for the current session. Can be given a page number if more then 10 songs are queued
!current This will show the current song that is playing, who queued it and how far along it is
!repeat Toggles repeat for the current queue. This has to be re-enabled after !clear has been used
!pause Pauses the current session. Can be resumed with !resume
!resume Resumes the current session if !pause has been used
!skip This command will skip the current song. If it is the last song in the queue it will stop playing & leave the channel.
!skipTo This command takes a number as an argument and will skip to that song number in the queue. So !skipto 5 will skip to song #5 in the queue
!goto This command will go to the specific time in the current song. It uses a format like this 1h 5m 2s would skip to 1 hour, 5 minutes and 2 seconds into the currently playing song
!shuffle This will shuffle the current queue, randomizing the order of all the currently queued (and already successfully loaded) songs
!removeTrack This will remove a specific song from the current queue. You can either give it a URL to remove or a name. If a name is given any song that contains that name will be removed
!clear This completly clears the current queue and will make the bot leave the channel. It also resets settings such as repeat and pause
!volume Controls the volume at which the bot plays a song, separate from discord's voice volume which can be altered per person in the voice channel. The volume can be set anywhere from 0-150% where 100% is the default. The command also accepts keywords such as up and down which change the volume by 10%. It's also possible to do !volume mute and !volume max
!history This will show the last 10 songs you have played in the current server. With #1 being the most recent. It can be cleared by using !history clear or a specific song can be removed with !history remove. The history is there to be used together with the !replay command
!replay This command takes a number as argument and will then requeue the song from your history list. To view which songs are in your history and what order they are in use !history
!youtube This command searches youtube for a (or multiple) word(s) and returns the top 5 results. This does not play anything from the search results. It's also possible to use !yt as a shorter command
  • Playlists

  • The bot supports the creation of multiple playlists per person with the music system allowing you to save songs & easily queue up multiple songs in one go.

  • To get started you can view a list of all of your playlists by using the !playlists command. To view all the songs in your currently selected playlist you use !playlist.

  • To create a new playlist you simply select a name for it with !playlist select <name> which will automatically create a new playlist with that name if there is none already present with that name. If there is already a playlist with that name it simply sets that one as the current playlist. If you switch away from an empty playlist it will be deleted.

  • If you wish to delete a playlist it can be done with !playlist delete <playlist_name>.

  • After you have created or selected a playlist you can add songs to by using !playlist add this commands can be given both a search word or an url, if it is given a search word it will select the first result from the selected search word so using an url will typically be easier. The !youtube or !yt command can be used to find the url from a search word.

  • If you wish to remove a song from the current playlist you can use !playlist remove <song(s)> which works the same way as !playlist add. Note that removing on a keyword removes all songs with that keyword(s) in its title name.

  • Playing your playlist can be done in two different ways. You can either use !select <playlist_name> or !play --playlist <playlist_name>.

  • Usage of music reactions

    • When a song is played the bot will automatically post a message about what song is currently playing and who requested it. The channel this message is posted it can be changed using the !music_channel command followed by a channel mention.
    • The currently playing mention will also have 3 discord reactions to it. Which will be the following: Replay, Skip, and Favorite.
      • The Replay reaction will simply requeue the selected song at the end of the queue.
      • The skip button will ofcourse skip the song.
      • The favorite button will add the selected song to your currently selected playlist.


  • The bot has various commands releated to Destiny such as looking up items, making item builds and the wishing wall.

  • Item lookup

  • The base !destiny command is used for item lookups through both Destiny 1 and Destiny 2. When given a search word it will give the top results between both games. This can include everything from a hand cannon, to a sparrow, to an emblem and more that can be found in the destiny api.

  • If you wish to limit the search to a specific game there are 2 seperate commands that can be used. Namely !d1item for Destiny 1 and !d2item for Destiny 2. This will only return results from the specific game.

  • When looking up items with random perks the bot will to its best possible ability from the limitations of the Destiny api attempt to show all possible perks and stats available for the specific item. There are items that can have wrong stats or information but a majority of this is simply because that is all the info Bungie provides.

  • Item Builds

  • The bot also allow the creation of custom builds for items that have randomized perks. This allows you to save builds you may want to chase or even just make a build to be able to compare stats of different perks.

  • To get started at creating a new build simply use the !destinybuild command followed by a search word for an item that has randomized perks. It will not work with items that have predetermined perks such as exotics.

  • When you have selected the item you wish to create a build for the bot will guide you through the process of selecting the different perks available for that item and the masterwork. After you are done you will get the option to save the build with a specific name which will allow you to view it again later.

  • To be able to view a build you have saved simply search for the item it was saved for and select the specific build from the item result.

  • Wishing wall

  • This command allows you to look up the wishing wall combinations used in the Last Wish raid.

  • To view a list of all of the wishes available you use !wish list.

  • To view a specific wish you simply use !wish followed by either the wish number or a search word which could match the name, the descirption or even the effect of the wish.


  • The bot has various commands for looking up different weapons, warframes, relics, etc as well as having a notification system for when specific items go up on alters as well as posting all alerts to a channel.

  • There are platform specific commands for warframe. The valid platform are as follows pc, ps4, xb1 and switch.

  • Item and info lookup

  • There is a central warframe command in the bot that combines most of the other lookup commands together based on what item is searched for. Simply use !warframe followed by the name of an item or a relic to look it up. If you are looking for somthing specific you can use the following commands.

Command Description
!warframeDrops Shows the drop sources of an item
!warframeWeapons Shows info and sources of specific weapons
!warframeRelics Shows what items a specific relic can give and also where to find the relics
  • There also is a command for looking up when the void trader arrives and if it already has arrived what he offers by using !voidtrader.
  • Alerts, Invasions & Fissures

  • The bot allows you to see a list of all current alerts and it also allows you to set up a (personal) subscription where it will post any new alerts to a specific channel.
  • To view all alerts on a specific platform simply use the following command !warframe <platform> alerts. An example would be !warframe pc alerts, if no platform is given it will default to pc.
  • If you wish to make the bot post a notification when there is a new event simply use !warframe notification and it will start a setup process where it will guide you through how to set it up.
  • To view a list of all of the notifications you have setup use !warframe notification list. This is also used to get the id if you are looking to remove a notification.
  • If you wish to stop receiving messages from a notification use !warframe notification remove <id> where you replace <id> with the id of the specific notification
  • To the full list of invasions, fissures or the sortie simply use the same commands as listed above but simply replace alerts with whichever you want.
  • Subscription system

  • The warframe subscription system allows you to subscribe to specific keywords that will alert you whenever an Alert, Invasion or Fissure appears that has an item which matches you search word.
  • To set up a new subscription simply use the command !warframe <platform> subscribe <keyword> the keyword given here uses regex to match any item names.
  • To view a list of all of your subscriptions use !warframe <platform> subscriptions.
  • To unsubscribe simply use !warframe <platform> unsubscribe <keyword>.

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