A multitasking, advanced bot used to aid you in the management of your server.

GyllieBot is a bot that offers a wide range of functions and is constantly being updated with new features. The default prefix for the bot is '!' but you can change this to anything you want. You can also choose between NA or EU region for making your music experience better by having less ping to the bot with your server.

We've just released our Dashboard where server owners/administrators can manage the settings for the bot.

Current Features

  • Music Player: a music player that can play YouTube videos/playlists, Soundcloud, Twitch stream and more. There is even a build in YouTube search for finding your favorite music.
  • Twitch Integration: Are you a Twitch streamer? Let the bot automatically announce when you go live and also have some nice stats send once you go offline.
  • Custom Commands: You can also create your own custom commands and configure some settings for those like input/output channels, cooldowns, permissions ...
  • Game Stats: Want to brag with your stats on games like PUBG, fortnite, OSU!, Overwatch and more? That's possible as well!
  • Moderation: We also offer some basic moderation commands to aid you in allowing your Discord mods to help with moderation.
  • Logging: Don't want to navigate to the Audit log constantly or see even more logging than what you see there? Setup our custom logging to see guild join/leaves, name changes, role changes and more...
  • VoiceText: Do you like the TeamSpeak mechanic of a separate text channel for each voice channel? Setup VoiceText and the bot will handle this for you by giving/removing access when users join/leave voice channels
  • Other: Above all the things above we also have loads of other utility and fun commands to create a better Discord experience on your server.