DisCal Commands Prefix: ! - Customizable (or mention)

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Created By: NovaFox161# 6969


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The Ultimate Discord Calendar Bot!

The one and only bot of its kind! With 24/7 support, more features, and constant development, DisCal is the must have bot for all guilds!

DisCal is a full featured discord bot that manages a calendar and allows users to create, list, modify, delete, and announce events. It was built to be extremely powerful yet easy to use!

Discord lacks a built in calendar, so we took the chance to make one for you! With DisCal, you can bring your Guild closer together by scheduling events and activities and having DisCal handle all of the hard work!

DisCal is perfect for every guild! Whether you are an RP Guild, Gaming Guild, or community Guild, DisCal was built to be versatile and unique! With DisCal no longer will you need to do any complex scheduling, DisCal handles all of that hard work for you!


Current Features

  • Create, modify, and delete custom calendars
    • With DisCal handling your calendars, you can get onto the important part of guild management.
  • Create, modify, and delete events
    • Create recurring events! DisCal has dynamic and high quality support for recurring events.
  • Custom announcement system
    • In fact, DisCal supports many announcement "types" allowing you to customize just how DisCal handles your announcements.
    • Announcement subscribers. Want to get pinged for a certain announcement, well DisCal supports just that with announcement subscription.
  • Extremely easy to use and learn
    • And DisCal has in depth messages and guides for all of it's functions.
  • Supports mentions if you don't want to or can't use the "!" prefix!
    • Just as simple as @DisCal
    • In fact, you can change the prefix all together with `!discal prefix <YOUR CUSOM PREFIX>`
  • Extremely responsive
    • With less than 100ms ping at any given time, DisCal is perfect for guilds who need quick and reliable calendars!
  • Browser viewable calendar, just use the command "!linkCalendar"
    • Full page embed so you can quickly and easily view your entire calendar with ease.
  • 24/7 support team for help
  • Command to display the current time on the calendar
    • !time
  • And so much more!

Planned Features

  • Add your own external calendar (WIP, 90%)
  • More commands!
  • Web Dashboard!!
  • And more!!


Join our Discord for info on upcoming features, support, and more!!