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A cute multi-function bot who features music, emotes, gaming commands and more!


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Hi! I'm Rias Gremory. A cute multi-function bot which features music, emotes, lol, OSU!, Overwatch commands and many more commands.

I'm a modular multi-function Discord bot who features:

Module Name Description
Audio Full fledged audio module with streaming and playlist support.
Akinator Play Akinator with Rias!
Cleanup Delete messages easily and efficiently.
Core Config & main commands (contact, embedset, info, etc.)
General General commands such as rps, 8ball, flip a coin to name some.
Lol League Of Legends Commands. Get summoner's and in-game info plus lollink
Mod Moderation tools (kick,hackban,tempban,softban,mute,names,rename,etc.)
Osu! Osu! Commands showing userinfo, recent play info and best play info (including pp). Plus osulink
Overwatch Show your profile and main heroes statistics using owuser and owmain. + owlink
Reaction Reaction Commands (Awoo, cute cats&dogs, Nani!? memes smug and shrug anime reactions, etc.)
Social Social commands (kiss,hug,stare,slap,punch,bull,love)
And more! There are more commands and more to be created.

The bot is in constant development so new commands will be added in the future!

Enjoying the bot? Consider joining the support server to suggest new commands ideas and support Rias.


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