Graphite2.0 connects all features that you could possibly want. A scripting api/music/backups/minigames/custom commands/twitch and more.

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Graphite2.0 connects all features that you could possibly want in a modular system. This means you can only enable the features that you need for your guild without having a billion different commands available at all times.

Visit our website to learn more about the features Graphite2.0 has to offer and to take a look at our webinterface.

Features: A webinterface with custom commands! (Our webinterface)
A fully-fledged music system (play, stop, queue, seek, pause, resume, ...) with user/guild playlists!
Backup system: Create and restore backups of your discord server or clone a different server entirely.
Graphite2.0 can also automatically rejoin your members if they authorize it to do so.
User channels like in TeamSpeak: Users can create channels which will be deleted once they're empty
Twitch integration: Be notified when a streamer starts streaming.
Report system: Allows your users to report other users. Also includes chat reports!
All kinds of moderation commands (Ban, kick, mute, vkick, ...)
A own scripting api who you can script your own features
A bunch of other #fancy features!