Created By: Sv3n# 0628

IceBot has many cool functions, here a small list:

     Commands only for the guildowner:

    • .log - Show how to create a serverlog.
    • .joinmsg - Shows who to set a user join message.
    • .leavemsg - Shows who to set a user leave message.
    • .privatemessage - Sets the notification true or false.
    • .prefix - Shows how to set a custom prefix.

     Commands (require permissions kick, ban members)

      You can execute the following commands with the permissions kick, ban members

    • .ban @user reason - Bans a user from your guild.
    • .kick @user reason - Kicks a user from your guild.
    • .warn @user reason - Warns a user.
    • .mute @user - Mutes a user.
    • .unmute @user - Unmutes a user.
    • .clear number - Deletes some messanges.

     Other commands:

      IceBot has also an own money system:

    • .money - Shows your bot money.
    • .work - Work to get bot money.
    • .pay @user amount - Shows if the bot is activ.
    • .flipcoin head/number amount - Win or lose ingame money.
    • But these are not all commands. With the .help you can see all commands.

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