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A pokémon fun bot with awesome features!


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Pokebot is offline due to the rewritten version that is comming soon

Pokebot is a pokémon-based discord bot built to provide entertainment to the other discord users


Lets check some features first.

Trainer marriage system, Exploring system

Incomming evolution system + duels, Partnered servers has mystery gift codes

Wonder trade, Pokémart system

 Features:

Name Usage Description
explore [pokeball] Wanna catch pokemons? You can by exploring!
mainpoke [user] Check your or someone else's main pokemon here.
nickname [nickname] If you wanna change your main pokemon's, you're in the right place!.
pokeinfo [user] Check your or someone else's main pokemon's evs and ivs here.
setpoke [pokemon id] If you wanna change your main pokemon, you're in the right place!.
start [] This is where your pokemon adventure begins.
coinsrank [] Check the TOP 10 richest trainers!
exchange [Currency abbreviation] [Amount] Wanna exchange pokebot's currency to another bot? you should use this command.
givecoins Wanna give pokecoins to someone? use this command.
mart [buy or sell] [item] [amount] Welcome to the pokemart!, here you can buy Pokeballs, Evolution stones and everthing!.
release [pokemon id] Release an pokemon then get pokecoins!
weekly [] Need money to invest on pokeballs? get your weekly pize here!.
guide [] NONE
help [command] This is where you get all commands list and informations.
invite [] NONE
partner [] Wanna know how to be a partner of the bot? Use this command!
ping [] NONE
prefix Wanna change the bot's prefix, try using this command!.

The pokemons that will appear are only from generation 1 due to future updates ;)

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