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Begin your Pokémon Adventure! Catch RARE Pokemon, breed Pokemon, trade and duel with your friends! - Ultimate Discord Pokemon Experience

Created By: Avatar of Dylee Dylee# 6669

Play The First Pokemon Bot with Status Moves!

Mewbot is the Pokemon Bot Meant for you, your server and Fun!

Join the Official Server!!

Curate an Awesome List of your Favourite Pokemon or just catch everything!

Acquire awesome Legendary Pokemon, Shinies to show your friends!

Mewbot is the Best Discord Bot to increase Activity in your Pokemon server because it engages users to catch Pokemon by Guessing the names of Pokemon!

Don't be limited to Pokemon Forms like most other Bots! Get all the Possible Pokemon Forms!

Get Awesome Legendary Forms for Duels, Trades and even just showing off!

The First and Best Pokemon Bot to implement Status, Setup Moves! No Other Bot.

Official Partner Of MewBot: Akimitsu

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avatar of RandomDude
RandomDude 23 days ago

Some things in the bot aren't complete, are buggy or don't work at all. Charging moves skip the charge and recharge phase so feel free to spam high power moves like Hyper Beam and Solar Beam. Side effects of moves like Moonblast don't work at all while requirements for some moves don't need to be met like First Impact and Fake Out. More than 70% of the Abilities aren't coded in properly. Several moves don't work at all like Counter, Mirror Coat and Trick and even Protect sometimes fails. Damage calculation is wrong so sometimes Pokemon do more or less damage. I tested that by calculating some damage myself. The staff team of the Mewbot OS is not really competent because they're chosen based on who the staff leader likes not by who has more experience and is more mature. The bot has a history to get their database corrupted so be prepared to someday lose everything or be forced to get it back yourself through a annoying process with a command. Gaining credits in this bot is a pain for new players and basically everything needs credits. New slots for eggs, destiny knot and everstone for breeding and EVs for battling for example. Be prepared for an gruesome start and hope you're lucky and get some shiny you can sell cause atm the only way to get a good amount of credits for new players is by voting for redeems or by doing missions which can also be a pain sometimes cause some require you to redeem twice which is near impossible for beginners.

avatar of Mewbot
Mewbot 23 days ago

Thanks for your honest review... Over the time we've taken measures to ensure data corruption will never happen again, MewBot is constantly evolving and fixing/adding new features too!

Replying to RandomDude

avatar of daniuwu
daniuwu 24 days ago

mewbot is pretty dank


avatar of Skylarr
Skylarr 19 days ago

As one of the oldest and longest standing users of MewBot, Id like to maybe correct some of the other silly reviews that maybe got some people off on the wrong foot or turned some away. While yes, the stuff about moves is somewhat correct, many dont work exactly as they do in the pokemon games, but with some this is intentional because this is NOT the pokemon games, nor is it the same exact format. Its close, but as a chat bot some things have to be adapted and changed. Secondary effects as a whole currently dont work, as they've not implemented at all due to the imbalance in things with Serene Grace etc.. Better to get the primary effects all working, before piling on double as many secondary effects at the same time. Maybe that clears some of that up. Secondly, from everything I've witnessed as a player of mewbot (over 1 year) and also as staff (less than 5months) - things are constantly changing and always being improved as I know at least I personally am always looking for community opinion to better the bot as a whole, and the communities opinions are always what strive to make positive. To see criticism like this, when a bot as unrefined and purposefully content-less as PokeCord climbed to to the top peaking over 1.3million servers. This bot is leagues beyond that, and a great choice for anyone wanting to have a unique pokemon experience. Also, in terms of the Official Server, staff applications are held regularly. This isn't a pick a choose matter, to put that one to rest.


avatar of ◑︿◐⚜Barky Moon⚜◑︿◐
◑︿◐⚜Barky Moon⚜◑︿◐ 22 days ago

this stupid bot wants us to fucking up vote it every like 12 hours just to fucking play a fucked up version of pokemon go well fuck no id rather spend my fucking time on fucking pokemon go


avatar of meliodas_the_dragon_sin_of_wrath
meliodas_the_dragon_sin_of_wrath 11 days ago

no community days shitty duels and no special halloween skins


avatar of Flunashiee
Flunashiee 19 days ago

This good is quite good. Sure, sometimes it is offline or laggy, but when it isn’t it’s a fun bot to enjoy! I’ve tried a few other Pokébots but I just couldn’t enjoy them like Mewbot. (Also, stop complaining about the ads when you vote. It’s not Mewbot, it’s top.gg.


avatar of Local NPC
Local NPC 10 days ago

Much better than the other bots my friends tried on their servers. Much less lag than when we tried Pokerealm or whatever it was called. I don't mind having to watch an ad in order to vote for Mewbot, it's worth it. My only suggestion is maybe a way for us pet/play with the pokemon we have, but I understand that this may be hard to implement on a chat bot. Keep up the great work, don't get discouraged by bugs or mean/unconstructive reviews, devs! Good luck!


avatar of Skarsgräd
Skarsgräd 10 days ago

They have a very awful staff team... they feel obligated to talk smack agaisnt other servers and bots like they know anything and lie about them all together!


avatar of things
things 13 days ago



avatar of NotSkep ๑❛⌄❛๑
NotSkep ๑❛⌄❛๑ 11 days ago

omfg ;reward is overpowered... DO NOT FIX IT, IT'S FUDGING AWESOME!


avatar of Eaaaarrll
Eaaaarrll 23 days ago

New ads are blocking upvoting system 😒


avatar of Justice
Justice 10 days ago

From bad interactions to verbally offensive staff, I wouldn’t use this bot if it was the only Pokémon bot on discord. If you want a truly amazing bot go to pokecord it’s in development has an amazing staff and an amazing community unlike mewbot whom had major bugs, offensive staff and a toxic following. I wouldn’t wish mewbot on my worst enemy. Devs cool tho


avatar of Hya
Hya 10 days ago

Staff talk crap about other bots. Seem to have giant egos.


avatar of 「Λ𝐆」│foxZAID
「Λ𝐆」│foxZAID 10 days ago

Can u give me 700000 credit and 10 redeem plz bcz my Friend just anoy me everytime that you are poor


avatar of GamingLina
GamingLina 10 days ago

How do you customize the prefix?


avatar of Acid
Acid 10 days ago

Good bot


avatar of Blue flare
Blue flare 9 days ago

The bot is good but can be made better Instead of adding new things they need to fix the old bugs like recharge moves and stuff With the radiants getting added it's nothing more than pay to win Also some staff are good but at times the other part of them is too harsh Instead of working on new things they need to fix old stuff


avatar of Freooo
Freooo 9 days ago

gg best bot


avatar of §hê ßrðkê ₥¥ hêår†
§hê ßrðkê ₥¥ hêår† 9 days ago



avatar of coolkid
coolkid 9 days ago

i have used mewbot but i wanna know how to add mewdeko to a server