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Hello World!

This is a meme-making, community driven, Discord Bot for the masses, a.k.a. Nelly. Designed to create memes and inside jokes for you own Discord, we run a website alongside a Discord to share memes inside of and contribute your own! Check it out here

Hotline Bling

nelly drake example example

Any Last Words?

nelly last_words Your text goes here!

Live For

nelly live_for Your text goes here!

What If God Said

nelly god_said & Image Upload!

Left Exit 12

nelly left_exit_12 example example

Free Disappointment

nelly free_disappointment Your text goes here!

Be Right Back

nelly be_right_back & Image Upload!

VR Realistic

nelly vr_realistic & Image Upload!

Ordinary People vs Creative People

nelly creative_people & Image Upload!

Brain Upgrade

nelly upgrade_brain example example example

Death by Upvote

nelly death_by_upvote Your text goes here!

Reliable Source of Water

nelly reliable_source Your text goes here!

These Are Fine

nelly these_are_fine & Image Upload!

Worse Than Hitler

nelly worse_than_hitler & Image Upload!

American Chopper

nelly american_chopper example example example example example

Ew I stepped in shit

nelly ew_shit & Image Upload!

First Words

nelly first_words example example

Types of Headaches

nelly headache Your text goes here!

Hurt in Other Ways

nelly hurt_in_other_ways Your text goes here!

I Killed A Man and You?

nelly killed_a_man_and_you Your text goes here!

All Life is Precious

nelly precious Your text goes here!

Oh no its Retarded

nelly retarded Your text goes here!


nelly noose & Image Upload!

I'd like to introduce you to my Religion

nelly religion & Image Upload!

Men only want one thing, and its fucking disgusting.

nelly fucking_disgusting & Image Upload!


nelly perfection & Image Upload!


nelly autism & Image Upload!

Top 10 Anime Deaths

nelly anime_deaths & Image Upload!

The Art of Seduction

nelly seduction Your text goes here!

What Man Really Want

nelly what_men_really_want & Image Upload!

Sweet Jesus Pooh! Thats Not Honey!

nelly sweet_jesus Your text goes here!


nelly skulls Your text goes here!

God I Wish That Were Me

nelly wish_that_were_me & Image Upload!


nelly ifunny & Image Upload!


nelly brazzers & Image Upload!

Big Mistakes

nelly big_mistakes & Image Upload!

One Thing

nelly one_thing & Image Upload!

Draw What Depression Feels Like

nelly depression & Image Upload!

Good Shit

nelly good_shit & Image Upload!

This Onion Wont Make Me Cry

nelly onion Your text goes here!

The Scroll of Truth

nelly scroll_of_truth Your text goes here!

Hard to Swallow

nelly hard_to_swallow Your text goes here!

Smile If You

nelly smile Your text goes here!

Please disconnect from the Bluetooth Speaker

nelly speaker & Image Upload!

I Wish I Could Talk To Ponies

nelly ponies Your text goes here!

Bedtime Paradox

nelly bedtime_paradox Your text goes here!

Boardroom Suggestion

nelly boardroom example example example example

Grus Plan

nelly grus_plan example example example example

Eat You Out To

nelly eat_you_out_to Your text goes here!

Also Yes But In Yellow

nelly also_yes_but_in_yellow Your text goes here!

Cancer Symbol

nelly cancer_symbol & Image Upload!

Tell an Amazing Fact

nelly amazing_fact Your text goes here!

Anyone Need Me?

nelly anyone_need_me example example example

Birth Control Effectiveness

nelly birth_control & Image Upload!

Smash Door

nelly smash_door & Image Upload!

Other Results for God

nelly god & Image Upload!

Pancake Bunny

nelly pancake_bunny example example

God Left

nelly god_left & Image Upload!

Restoration 100

nelly restoration_100 & Image Upload!

Illusion 100

nelly illusion_100 & Image Upload!

Why Would X Do This!?

nelly why_would Your text goes here!

That Thing, It Scares Me

nelly that_thing & Image Upload!

Expanding Brain

nelly brain example example example example

I'm calling the cops.

nelly cops example example example


nelly magik & Image Upload!


nelly wave & Image Upload!


nelly spherize & Image Upload!


nelly swirl & Image Upload!
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