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A bot that allows users to tip each other in cryptocurrencies with a single command!









Tip-bot is a Discord bot that allows Discord users to easily tip each other in cryptocurrencies.

Tip-bot is meant to be as easy to use as possible. Most users are only going to need two commands: One command for depositing cryptocurrencies to Tip-bot's wallet, and one command for tipping.

To get started, write !tip help in a server where Tip-bot is present.


Deposit one of the coins Tip-bot supports with the command !tip deposit <coin>, for example !tip deposit LTC.

Tip someone by writing the command !tip <@user> <amount> <coin>, for example !tip @joe 1 LTC.

Check your balance with the command !tip balances.

For more commands use the command !tip manual


Tips occur immediately, and off-blockchain. When you tip a person, an amount equal to the tip is removed from your balance and added to that persons balance.

Tipping supports the SI prefixes m - milli and u - micro. This enables you to more easily tip small amounts. As an example, the following commands will tip the same amount to Joe:

!tip @joe 0.001 LTC

!tip @joe 1 mLTC

!tip @joe 1000 uLTC

Stability and security

Tip-bot is hosted on a dedicated server secured with a random-character password and Two Factor Authentication. This ensures high uptime and excellent safety for the funds deposited with Tip-bot.

Certain features have been implemented to minimize the risk of using Tip-bot.

  • Thorough event logging
  • Secure command parsing
  • Command throttling
  • Spam attack banning
  • Direct error reports to the developers
  • SQL input sanitization

Tip-bot has been thoroughly tested, and is so far working perfectly. Anyone can withdraw their crypto at any time with the command !tip withdraw <amount> <coin> <address>. Before the withdrawal is executed, you are presented with an overview of the withdrawal information for you to accept.

Supported coins and features

Tip-bot currently only supports Litecoin. More coins will be added in the future.

Tip-bot is also able to maintain a "phone book" of cryptocurrency addresses of each user. Anyone can register addresses to their user with the command !tip setaddress <coin> <address>, for example !tip setaddress LTC o3rlnlk34j3lkj. Other users can see your list of registered addresses with !tip <@user>.


There is a 0.5% fee on all tips, in order to cover some of the server cost. The fee will be reduced when Tip-bot becomes more widely used.

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