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An easy Discord bot with a punishment and award system, deleted message logs and more user entertainment than you can shake a stick at.


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Why Poni is really awesome!

  • Raid prevention (we help you really lock down your server)
  • User activity count and leaderboard to see who's really winning
  • A punishment (strike) and award (merit) system
  • Agree system to keep your server safe
  • Configurable message logging to a channel of your choice
  • A suite of fun commands to help keep your members entertained
  • More moderative commands than you could ever need
  • User assignable roles
  • Well written documentation and support in case you're ever stuck


Poni is an easy to use modular Discord bot developed by Poni Development for Python 3. We aim to be as easy to use as possible with a large array of features that everybody can understand. We started development in 2017 and after restarting 3 times, Poni serves over 980K users and has over 37K server configs saved.

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