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Build a glorious Nation! Expand your Empire, and wage war against others


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Partial War Update

Unit Updates including tens of aircrafts including F16 Fighting Falcon, F22 Raptor, & F35. as well as Tanks, Naval vessels, and infantry units. Manufacturing, and Research added to support this.

Announcement published

League of Nations
Great Powers Stand United

Base Commands
Category Commands
Basic start help tutorial bill stats info delete
Alliance & Aid alliance aid
Bps, Mfg & Rsrch blueprint aircraft blueprint vehicle blueprint naval manufacture research
City city
Economy buy sell balance tax vote redeem
Gov & Improvs gov gov description gov stats gov select (type) improv help
Nation change name change flag
Resource & Trade resource about resource me resource select trade deal trade cancel
Struct, Train structure structure build structure upgrade structure view (type) train
View view aircraft view vehicle view naval
All Commands With Description

  • -help: All help commands organized in categories.
  • -start (nation name): Create your glorious nation, and join the League Of Nations!
  • -delete (yes/no): Delete your nation by confirming with yes or no (24 hour cooldown).
  • -info: Information about the League of Nations bot.
  • -bill: View the current bill for your nation.
  • -bill pay: Pay the current bill for your nation.
  • -stats: View the statistics of your nation in a direct message.
  • -stats public: View the statistics of your nation publicly.
  • -tutorial: A simple tutorial for how the League of Nations bot works.

  • -alliance create: Create an in game alliance. Alliance creation costs 12.5 Million. (Specify alliance name and confirm afterwords).
  • -alliance invite @mention: Invite someone into your alliance. (Requires invitationalstate permissions or above).
  • -alliance view (alliance name): View members in an alliance.
  • -alliance view bank: View alliance funds. (Requires bankingstate permissions or higher). You can withdraw up to a maximum of 10 Million per withdrawal, but this maximum decreases as your tech level/amount rises. You accept the alliance aid package via the -aid command.
  • -alliance view invites: View your current alliance invites.
  • -alliance contribute funds (# amount): Contribute money into your alliance.
  • -alliance set flag (url): Sets the flag for your alliance. (Requires leadingstate permissions).
  • -alliance promote @mention (role): Promote a member in the alliance to that specific role. (Requires coleadingstate permissions or above).
  • -alliance demote @mention (role): Demote a member in the alliance from that specific role. (Requires coleadingstate permissions or above).
  • -alliance sanction nation @mention: Sanction a nation preventing them from trading & aiding with the alliance members. (Requires coleadingstate permissions or above).
  • -alliance sanction lift nation @mention: Remove a sanction from a nation.
  • -alliance leave: Leave an alliance (confirm afterwards).
  • Notes: Alliance roles include the following - leadingstate, coleadingstate, bankingstate, peacekeepingstate and inventationalstate.
  • -aid Send & receive money to or from other nations. (Normal Aid slots reset after 3 days while Alliance aid slots reset after 1 day).
  • Use the Right Arrow to send money (max capacity is 6 million per package).
  • Use the Checkmark to accept aid packages using the package ID (1-3 or 99).
  • Use the X to deny aid packages, and the Pause Button to freeze the current aid menu. (The Counterclockwise Arrows are currently not in use).

  • Blueprints
  • -blueprints: View the 3 category types of blueprints.
  • -blueprints (type): View your blueprints for a specific category type.
  • Notes: The 3 category types are split up into aircraft, vehicle and naval.
  • Manufacture
  • -manufacture: Show the current production order of units.
  • -manufacture (number) (type) (unit name): Manufacture a certain number of units.
  • Research
  • -research: View your research lab and what you can and are currently research(ing).
  • -research (type) (unit name): Research a specific military unit from 1 of the 3 category types.
  • Notes: The 3 category types are split up into aircraft, vehicle and naval.

  • Buy
  • -buy infra (amount) (confirm): View the price or to buy infrastructure.
  • -buy land (amount) (confirm): View the price or to buy land.
  • -buy tech (amount) (confirm): :iphone: View the price or to buy technology
  • Sell
  • -sell infra (amount) (confirm): View the selling price or to sell infrastructure.
  • -sell land (amount) (confirm): View the selling price or to sell land.
  • Note: Keep in mind that you cannot sell tech.
  • City
  • -city: Show the status of every city. Built (Dark green), building (light green), occupied (orange), destroyed (red), unbuilt (grey).
  • Note: The arrows on the City represent where the enemy forces will arive in your nation.

  • Vote
  • -vote: Provides a link to vote for the bot. (If you have already voted, please wait up to 5 minutes for it to be processed).
  • Redeem
  • -redeem: Claim your vote reward!. (The vote reward is 6 Million).
  • Balance
  • -balance: View the amount of money your nation has.
  • Tax
  • -tax: View the current tax generated by your nation.
  • -tax (collect): Collect the current tax generated by your nation.
  • -tax select (amount): Select a tax rate. (The tax rate can be set between 1 and 28).
  • Nation
  • -change (name) (new name): Change the name of your nation
  • -change (flag) (url): Change your nation’s flag.
  • Trade
  • -trade deal @mention: Trade with another player. (Accept After).
  • -trade cancel (1 - 5): Cancel a current trade with a specific partner.

  • Government
  • -government description: View the description of each government.
  • -government stats: View the the stats of each government.
  • -government select (Gov Type): To select a government.
  • -government me: View your nation's government type.
  • Improvements
  • -improv help: Get a list of improvement categories and the improvements that are available in each category. (Select by Reaction).
  • -improv me: View a list of your nation's improvements.
  • Note: Keep in mind that you cannot sell tech.
  • -improv build (amount) (type) (confirm): View the price of or to build and buy specific types of improvements. (Confirm afterwards).
  • -improv sell (amount) (type): View the selling price of or to sell specific types of improvements. (Confirm afterwords).
  • Resources
  • -resource me: View your resources.
  • -resource about: View a list of the resources and their stats in a direct message.
  • -resource about public: View a list of the resources and their stats publicly.
  • -resource select (resource 1) (resource 2):Select a pair of resources.

  • Train
  • -train: Show the current level of the barracks, and the infantry being trained.
  • -train (number) (name): Train a certain number of infantry type. (Capped by the level of your Barracks).
  • Structure
  • -structure build: View a list of the available structures.
  • -structure build (type): Build a structure. (confirm afterwards).
  • -structure upgrade (type): Upgrade a structure. (Max level of a structure is limited to the level of your Headquarter).
  • -structure view (type): View a structure. (What a structure shows depends on what its for. Some structures show current unit orders, others will show the units being stored).
  • Note: Headquarter level is based on Structure levels, number of cities and who can declare war on you. (Level 5 HQ means players with a Level 6 HQ and lower can attack you).
  • View
  • -view (type): View all of the military units in one specific category type including the unit tree. (Both Eastern & Western).
  • -view (type) (unit name): View a specific unit from a category type.
  • Note: The 4 category types are split up into aircraft, vehicle, naval & infantry).

User Reviews


Based on 19 reviews

avatar of NamiDere
NamiDere 2 days ago

The bot's nice, could use some improvement but heh, it's just a bot


avatar of mortalites
mortalites 3 days ago

The LoN bot has come a longs ways in the last few years. The potential that this bot has is limitless and with the most recent update it shows just how much opportunity there is for it to continue to build on. The new Partial War update has brought many new features and gameplay as well as a completely updated help menu and help commands for all existing and new content. The dev has also posted an updated Road Map outlining future plans. On a side note here is a short list of new features: Research, structures, manufacturing, blueprints & training


avatar of NatRush
NatRush 2 days ago

It's ya girl, voting, how's it going everyone ?


avatar of MobuMobu
MobuMobu 2 days ago

Remember kids, lobbying is not corruption !


avatar of Yodaawg
Yodaawg 2 days ago

Research do fuuckiing long maan


avatar of Fyre
Fyre 6 days ago

where 20 mil


avatar of Tatertot
Tatertot 2 months ago

Its taking the developer 2 years to code the war update. Which once finished will be so buggy its unplayable. EDIT: The new update is unplayable and the css on the profile is copied and pasted


avatar of Untiforgins
Untiforgins 2 months ago

Super buggy, very hard to understand bot, literally unplayable. Would give a 0-star rating if I could. Wait I can get 20 million in-game money if I leave a good review?!?!?!?! OMG!


avatar of wiiluigi343
wiiluigi343 2 months ago

this discord bot is like the real league of nations


avatar of Felix.js
Felix.js 2 months ago

The games is a mess. It doesn't even have a proper help command. It has quite a lot of placeholder commands that fail and they fail silently.


avatar of wiggler
wiggler 2 days ago

This game is just a disappointment in and of itself, the government menu doesn't even look complete.

avatar of League Of Nations

sorry to hear that, a government rework is due with the next update to bring it inline with the current update.

Replying to wiggler