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A stock bot for stocks, options, dark pool, crypto, and forex.


Command Description
flow Get options flow for company
flowsum get daily summary of options flow
allprints Get darkpool and large block prints for stock
alldp Get all Dark pool prints for a stock
chart2 secondary charting source - !chart2 stock
chart3 15m Delayed charting - !chart3 or !c3 stock day,time ex - !c3 amd 2,5 - Gives you the 2 day 5 min chart. - Day can be - 1,2,5,10,15,30,90,180,365,720,1095,1825 - Time (min) can be - 1,2,3,5,10,13,15,30,60,d
chart4 1m charting !ch4 or !chart4 - with 9, 20, 50, 200 day sma
chart_bitcoin 5m USD/Bitcoin Forex Chart
chart_cl Crude Oil WTI 5m Futures Graph
chart_d Gives daily chart for a stock - !cd also works
chart_i15m Gives intraday 15m chart for a stock - !c15m also works
chart_i3m Gives intraday 3m chart for a stock - !c3m also works
chart_i5m Gives intraday 5m chart for a stock - !c5m also works
chart_m Gives monthly chart for a stock - !cm also works
chart_djfut 5m Futures for DJIA
chart_gold Gold Futures
chart_nasfut 5m Futures for NASDAQ
chart_nkdfut 5m Futures for Nikkei 225
chart_oil Crude Oil Daily Graph
chart_rusfut 5m Futures for Russel
chart_silver Silver Futures
chart_spfut 5m Futures for S&P 500
chart_usdcad 5m USD/CAD Forex Chart
chart_usdjpy 5m USD/JPY Forex Chart
chart_eurusd 5m EUR/USD Forex Chart
chart_gbpusd 5m GBP/USD Forex Chart
chart_usdchf 5m USD/CHF Forex Chart
chart_audusd 5m AUD/USD Forex Chart
chart_nzdusd 5m NZD/USD Forex Chart
chart_eurgbp 5m EUR/GBP Forex Chart
chart_w Gives weekly chart for a stock - !cw also works
chartotc_d Daily OTC Chart - !cdotc also works
chartotc_w Weekly OTC Chart - !cwotc also works
heatmap 1 Day heatmap
heatmapw Weekly heatmap


Command Description
downgrades Returns new downgrades per finviz
earnings Returns 25 Stocks with Earnings Tomorrow - over 1 mil vol and...
gainers Returns the top gainers from Finviz
newhighs Returns the top stocks making New 52 Week Highs from Finviz
newlows Returns the top stocks making New 52 Week Lows from Finviz
overbought Returns the top Most Overbought Stocks from Finviz
oversold Returns the top 10 Most Oversold Stocks from Finviz
unusualvol Returns the top 10 stocks with Unusual Volume from Finviz
upgrades Returns the top 10 stocks with recent upgrades according to F...
volatile Returns the top 10 Most Volatile Stocks from Finviz


Command Description
names Show previous names/nicknames of a user


Command Description
d Defines a word from glossary
findticker Searches for a ticker based on name


Command Description
ah Gives After Hours Volume and High and Low for stock - slightl...
ak Andrew Special Look Up
bio Get Bio of a stock from Google
cac CAC Futures - Price - No Chart
charteps under construction
cl Oil Futures - Price - No Chart
csi CSI (Shanghai) 300 Futures - Price - No Chart
dax DAX Futures - Price - No Chart
dow DOW market - Price - No Chart
erreport Gives description of last earnings for a stock
es Spy Futures - Price - No Chart
exthrs Gives Extended Hours Quote for a stock
ftse FTSE Futures - Price - No Chart
futures All US Major Futures
markets Market levels - US
nas NAS Futures - Price - No Chart
nexter Gives next ER for a stock AMC=After Market Close BMO - Before...
ng Oil Futures - Price - No Chart
nik Nikkei Futures - Price - No Chart
otc Gives information on otc stock
otcprice Gives price information on otc stock
pm Gives Pre Market Volume and High and Low for stock - slightly delayed
pmprint Gives Pre Market Volume and ToS for stock - last 20 prints
stock Gives information about a stock
vix Vix Futures - Price - No Chart
ym DOW Futures - Price - No Chart
worldfutures All Major World Futures
yieldcurve Gives the Yield for some bonds and 30y - x bond for Yield Curve
zmf Get Z M and F Score for a stock


Command Description
ahactive AH Most Active - delayed 15m
ahdecliners AH decliners - delayed 15m
ahgainers AH gainers - delayed 15m
analyst Recent Analyst Ratings for stock
blocks Shows largest blocks of the day. - Only works during Market Hours
calendar Returns the days economic calendar events
canews Canada news source - newswire - 30 day history
decreaseoi Top 10 OI decrease
divinfo Div return and exDiv date
dropshorts Returns the top 20 Drops in Shorts for NYSE or NAS
erdata Returns the last 2 years of moves for Earnings Data
ermove See implied move for a stock based on option prices
etfflowin ETF Flow IN for the week - delayed a few days
etfflowout ETF Flow out for the week - Delayed a few days
fda 10 Upcoming FDA filings
fgindex Fear & Greed Index - Investor Sentiment - CNNMoney
financials Returns Total Assets, Cash, Debt, Liabilities, Rev for company
finsignals Returns some signals from FinViz
gdpgrowth US GDP Growth last 10 qtrs
indices Top Indices (VIX, SPX, etc) Option Volume Leaders
increaseoi Top 10 OI increase
insider Insider transaction summary for last 3 and 12 month period
instchart Chart of Inst Buy and Sells for stock
instholdings Top 10 institutional holdings of stock
ipolist IPO's for the Month
jumpshorts Returns the top 20 Jump in Shorts for NYSE or NAS
laster Info on the last ER of the company
lowfloat find top 15 low float stocks of a sector !float some...
news Returns the latest news on a stock - will add otc support later
oi See OI and call/put ratio for given stock
otcvol Top 10 otc stocks by volume
peers Returns Peers in the industry for specific stock
peratio PE ratio of stock
pipeline Up to 10 drugs in Pipeline for a stock
pmactive PM Most Active - delayed 15m
pmdecliners PM decliners - delayed 15m
pmgainers PM gainers - delayed 15m
pricetarget Returns Average, High, and Low Price Target for Company
ratings Analyst Ratings for the day
ratios Beta, Debt To Equity, ForwardPE, PE, Price to Book, Price to Sales
sec Returns the latest sec filings for a company
sma sma info
sectorflow Returns the Money flow,uptick, and downtick data for Dow Jones U.S Total Stock Market Sectors
shortvolume Graph of 30 day histroy of short volume vs vol
split History of Stock Split for company
splits List of upcoming splits per Nasdaq
stat 52 week high/low, short interest/float, and 200/50 day MA
ssr Returns the companies on the Short Sale Circuit Breaker from Nasdaq
ta Returns the support and resistance levels on a stock
toetf Returns the top 20 ETF Option Volume
topiv Top 20 IV (Implied Volatility) Stock Options Activity
toptionvol Top 20 Option Volume Leaders
tostock Returns the top 20 Stock Option Volume
topnews Top headlines from CNBC
topshorts !topshorts "exchange" - AMEX, NAS, NYSE - Returns the Top 15 stocks where shares shorted represent the largest percentage of float
trendingST Returns the top Trending Tickers from StockTwits
uoa Top 20 Unusual Stock Option Activity
ytd Year to Date performance of stock with many other performance...


Command Description
bittrex Get latest price from Bittrex exchange for crpyto currency symbol
btc btc price from bitcoin wisdom
dash DASH price
etc ETC price
eth Eth price
gdax Get latest price from gdax for LTC, ETH, BTC
lite Litecoin price
nem nem price
polo Get latest price from Poloniex exchange for BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, ETC, DASH, NXT, ZEC, XMR, STR, REP
ripple ripple price
strat strat price


Command Description
optionchain Closest 3 option chains for stock and closest expiration


Command Description
candle Defines a word from glossary
scanner Previus day scan of top 20 by volume - Price action and MA Crosses Price Crossed Above MA (200) - a200, Price Crossed Below MA (200) - b200 Golden Cross (50 MA Crossed Above MA (200)) - GC, Death Cross (50 MA Crossed Above MA (200)) - DC

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