Bookmarks, translations, and more unique features from this unobtrusive Discord bot!

Created By: rob# 1234

Jung was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. This means he won't spam your chat with unnessecary messages, all of his messages are removable, and he is mainly interacted with through reactions!

Reaction Commands


- React to a message with :bookmark: 🔖 and Jung will save it for you in a direct message.

- Compatible with messages that include attachments (images, mp3s, mp4s etc.)

- Users can save messages for later viewing

- Can be used by moderators to keep copies of rule-breaking messages before they are deleted


- React to a message with :abc: 🔤 and Jung will translate your message to and from available languages

- Uses NAVER's translating API for the most accurate translation

Unique Commands

blacklist - Searches your server for blacklisted users (Read More)

restrict User x y - Chat restrict User to x number of messages for y days

To log commands with Jung Bot simply create or name an existing channel to mod-log

...for a full list of commands visit jungbot.com!

If you have any questions or suggestions join the support server!