Butterfly Bot


A bot to fetch information such as osu, anime/manga, Spotify or query things such as saucenao, Source servers, and A LOT more!

Here's a brief list of features the bot does:

  • ~osu - osu related commands, including beatmap information, beatmap searching, recent plays, top plays, ...
  • ~kitsu - Kitsu related commands, for looking up anime and manga
  • ~np - Now playing, for showing off or just easier sharing
  • ~arch - Arch Linux related commands, for looking up AUR or Repository packages
  • ~sourcequery - Sourcequery, queries most Source servers
  • ~spotify - Spotify, for when you want to look up songs
  • ~saucenao - Saucenao, to reverse lookup images in server
  • ~time - Time
  • ~calc - Calculator
  • ~wttr -, a simple weather report site
  • ~lyrics - Genius, for when you need to look up lyrics
  • Miscellaneous

(Some things are subject to changes, please check the website for more information)