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Hikage is a fun Discord bot, but also has moderation functions, it is stable but still in active development, feel free to suggest anything.


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Hikage is a fun Discord bot I made as a learning project in 2017. Hikage is mainly meant for to be used for fun, It is and will remain free to use for whoever wants to.
Hikage is stable, and still under active development, this means active updates, feel free to contact the developer for suggestions or feedback/

Use !help, or !help [command] to figure out some of the options,

A few examples of other commands are:

!overwatch, !overwatch [role], !overwatch [hero name] > will send a random or selected hero (based on parameters)

!reddit shittysuperpowers, !reddit cats > will send a random post from the selected subreddit

!face https://i.imgur.com/28KRxLK.jpg, !face [image file] > will send facial features based on a facial recognition api

!spotify toto africa > will send the song you selected from Spotify

!pickup, !pickup weather > will send a bad pickup line

!youtube toto africa, !yt toto > sends a youtube video with included search tag, also applies safe seach based on the channel


Furthermore, it has a few personizable profile options and commands and it has connections to some of my own gif api.

Hikage will add a unique expierence to your Server.

I am also very interested in feedback and suggestions for the bot and I would love to add some user requested material and functionality to it.

Feel to join the discord, for suggestions or to just hang out and chill.

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