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Pathfinder-Combat Feats Tool; Useful for classes such as fighter that are looking for feats with a specific theme in mind






This is an unofficial app used to navigate through the Pathfinder Combat Feats Section, it is still a work in progress, built in python with BeautifulSoup4 and xmlx packages, so updates are still frequent. All rights reserved to Paizo and d20pfsrd. No prefix is required to interact with the bot besides when starting a "search" (the only command - "!s" ). This bot is partially-spammable, it is reccomended that this bot is muted to not cause the page to think there is new information to be read each time a new page is shown. Example of Input: Me: "!s" ... Me: "All" ... Me: "Shot" Bot: (page 1- each page having 3 terms, if there are more terms available, it will ask you to type in "!next" to show the next page, there is not way to go back other than to restart your search) Me: "!next" Bot: (post 2nd page, and will inquire if you would want to view the next page until either you dont or there are no more pages) -- After each time the user makes a comment responding to the bot, the bot will clear its original message, posting the next message, as to reduce the amount of space taken--

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