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A growing discord chat bot which provides a fun inter-server chat!


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ChatBot: The Discord Chat bot

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About ChatBot

Written in, ChatBot is a bot where you can talk to different communities and servers in the comfort and safeness of your own.

How to use ChatBot:

ChatBot is extremely easy-to-use so, here is the invite link! Refer to the below section to learn how to set it up!

Setting ChatBot up:

  1. Pick a channel where you want to talk to the community We recommend that you create a channel which is exclusively for this because using it in the General chat will be a mess!

  2. Type in c!call or c!connect to connect to the inter-server network If you did it correctly, this message will pop up in the chat Chat-popup

  3. Type in your desired message WITHOUT needing a prefix and/or command

  4. Talk with other people in other servers!

  5. Want to disconnect for sometime? Type in c!disconnect or c!hangup and you are done!

Have a problem?

Join the official ChatBot support server here and tell the developers or use the c!report command to report to the developers!

List of Commands

Help Command

  • c!help - Sends you the list of commands
  • c!connect - Connects a server to the network
  • c!call - Alias of c!connect
  • c!disconnect - Disconnects a server from the network
  • c!hangup - Alias of c!disconnect
  • c!credits - Sends the credits for the bot
  • c!invite - Sends the invite link of the bot
  • c!report - Reports a bug to the developers
  • c!suggest - Suggests something to the developers
  • c!queries - Have some queries? Ask the developers!
  • c!stats - Sends the statistics of the bot






In case you missed the links related to ChatBot, here they are!

ChatBot Invite Link

ChatBot Support Server Invite

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