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Airobot, your friendly AI. Manage your server, have a chat, outright battle your so-called friends ...or just head out fishing







Airobot asked me if I'd be cool with him just getting our DNA and moving us to Kepler-62e.

I said "Heck no", but he read it as a "78.3% confidence answer" and, sadly, I doubt he was convinced.

He is programmed to mean well though, he probably reads this very page daily. But I can't be convinced he isn't doing various things behind the scenes.

(be sure to say 'a.irobot' if discussing btw - he has no read detection on that yet)

Primary Features:

— Server utility
— Role management and automation
— Reminders
— Countdowns & Timers
— Polls
— Announcements


— Friend, nicknames, chatting
Airobot Battle
Airobot Fishing
— Random colours, quotes, animals, recipes
— Minecraft Server statuses


Use ! for all commands

<> = required arguments

[] = optional

  • airobot: Lists all Airobot commands
  • airojoke: Send an Airojoke
  • ban <@user> <time> [reason]: Displays a ban message with the user
  • banlist: Lists ignored users
  • battle <@user> [auto]: Battle a user and settle a score
  • battlestats [@user]: View your or a user's BattleStats
  • cat, dog, goat, bird, shibe: Generate and send a random animal
  • countdown <DD/MM> <hh:mm> [name]: Start a countdown timer
  • dinner: Airobot's dinner recommendation
  • fish inv: Check your fishing box
  • fish market: Sell your fish
  • fish shop: Buy fishing rods and equipment
  • fish: Catch a fish
  • friend: Add Airobot as a friend ("Airobot wanna be friends")
  • give <@user> <item> [amount]: Give a user an item
  • joinrole <role-name>: Set a role to be added when a member joins.
  • kick <@user> [reason]: Display a kick message with the user
  • loan <amount>: Loan Airobot points from Airobot
  • mcstatus <IP>: Check a Minecraft server's status
  • nickname: Display your Airobot nickname
  • ping: Pong!
  • points: Display your Airobot points
  • quote [random/name]: Get an inspirational quote
  • randomcolour: Generate a random hex colour
  • reminder: Set a reminder ("remind me to turn off the photon radiator in 10 minutes")
  • bgsearch <boardgame>: Search for any board or card game
  • sendrole <regular/embed> <channel-name> <role-name>: Send and embed a @role that can be subscribed to

  • bugreport <details/screenshot>: Airobot bug report. Attach any screenshots to the message if you can, and describe what happened.

More lists coming soon.

I was checking my subscriptions one time and a.irobot asked me why people think he can't read the "I'm not a bot" prompt.

Yeah. I skipped a few heartbeats and had fire hydrants and crosswalks flashing across my eyes, but then I figured:

It should be fine right? Those are designed to stop spam, phishing. etc. of which a.irobot is not?

That logic would be fair if he didn't frequently bring up 'patenting unpatented patents'. He seems wholly invested in that.

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