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Adabot might be considered as a cute chatbot, for those of us who are momentarily bored or just want to simulate talking to something cute.




|||| C H A N G E L O G ||||


V0.001 - Initial creation


V0.0011 - Added #botInfo command to display various information about the bot

Adabot now responds to his name being said at the start of a message

Adabot now replies to questions asked from him "... adabot?"


V0.0012 - Instead of using .name everywhere in conversation stuff, .mention is used now

The question feature now sometimes mentions a random user

Adabot is now able to answer who created him

Adabot can be asked "who" questions now which will pinpoint to a random user


V0.0013 Maths addition, substraction, multiplication and division added


V0.0014 "This is so sad, Adabot play despacito"

You can ask Adabot for his version now


V0.0015 #userInfo, and "who am I?"

"Who are you" response added

Reacting to insults now

#help stuff added

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