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Dungeons & Dragons 5e character sheet creation & upkeep utility bot, with dice rolling capabilities

D&D Bot Commands Prefix: ! (can be set)

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DnD-Discord-Bot 1.2.0


A Discord Bot for D&D Character Creation, Maintaining, and Progression

Unlike my previous bot this will be closed-source. This repo is made only for install & usage instructions as well as bug tracking and feature requests.

If you would like to try the beta-version of the bot, join the support discord below and head over to #dnd-bot-dev-public-testing to see the latest commands being worked on. This version may require you to remake your character sheets, as it's a separate database/bot altogether. Any help with testing new features is greatly appreciated and makes launches much smoother.

Adding D&DBot

Follow this link: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=481910793697493011&scope=bot&permissions=379968

You can try the bot / get support for it in this discord: https://discord.gg/XhtCeH9


  • !info -- gives info on the bot
  • !createcharacter [name] -- gets you started on the character creation
  • !erasecharacter [name] -- deletes a character CANNOT BE UNDONE WITHOUT RECREATING !createcharacter
  • !changechar [name] -- changes you to a different character, leave input blank if you want a list of your characters
  • !listchar
  • !help -- tells you to come here
  • !bugreport [bug] -- allows users to report a bug to me
  • !featurerequest [feature] -- allows users to request a feature from me
  • !r -- explains usage of the rolling command
  • !changeprefix [newprefix] -- allows Administrators on servers to change the bot's prefix to whatever they want, (@,#,$,%,etc)
  • !changelog -- shows the most recent changes
  • !pdfgen -- generates an editable pdf of your currently selected character.
  • !donate -- gives information on how to donate
  • !checkdonator -- let's you know if you have your donator benefits, if you feel you should but don't, get in touch with AmericanLegend#6969

ex: !r2d20 - rolls 2 d20s

ex: !r5d10 + 1 - rolls 5 d10s then adds 1 to each roll (spacing does not matter)

ex: !r3d4 -5 - rolls 3 d4s then subtracts 5 to each roll (spacing does not matter)

  • !coinflip - flips a coin

  • !stats [stat] -- use !stat to sell all of your sheet, !stat ch[aracter], !stat sp[ell], !stat sk[ills], !stat eq[uipment] to see specific pages NOTE: b[lah] 'lah' is optional in command, meaning !stat ch shows the same as !stat character.

  • !set [attribute] [whatever] -- used to change items on the character sheet

Special Attributes:

  • To modify Str/dex/cha/con Modifiers, it's strmod, dexmod, chamod, etc
  • To modify Str/dex/cha/con SavingThrowStats, it's strst, dexst, chast, etc
  • To modify Str/dex/cha/con Stats, it's str, dex, cha, etc.

ex: !set XP 500

ex: !set Alignment Neutral Evil

  • !add [attribute] [whatever] -- Case sensitive as well

ex: !add CurrentHP 5

ex: !add Treasure Gold Chain

ex: !add Equipment Bone Club

  • !del [attribute] [whatever] -- Case sensitive

ex: !del CurrentHP 2

ex: !del Personality Bad Guy

ex: !del Treasure Gold Chain

  • !appearance [Age] [Height] [Weight] [Eyes] [Skin] [Hair]

ex: !appearance 20 6'0 180 Blue Tan Brown

FOR SERVER OWNERS Upon adding the discord bot to the server, make sure it has permissions to send messages. That is about all it will need.


  • To create a character, use !createcharacter [Name]
  • You may want to do this in a PM to the bot, as the process can be a tad spammy.

From there, the bot will guide you on what you need to do to get set up. Again, this process best done in private, if multiple people are making characters in 1 chat, it might get confusing.

If you're using a custom class / race, you can enter "Custom" on those fields, but be aware that you'll be in charge of choosing your proficiencies and other relevant info to your character. Meaning manually setting the attribute fields using the proper commands. In other words, more work for you. The Custom settings are also a bit bugged, so I recommend picking a class similar to what you want, then changing the name.

Your character will be available on ANY server that the bot is present on. Your character progress is persistent and saved.
Due to character informaton being stored on my own server, You are limited to 3 characters per discord account. There is an option to donate to unlock unlimited characters. Again, this is a space issue. If more people donate, I can afford better hardware, which means bigger harddrives, which means I can afford to store all your character data.

Donator Benefits

  • Unlimited character slots
  • Editable-PDF download (for printing, or editing on desktop) - this feature is currently in testing, and available to all.
  • Use !donate for more information

More benefits to come...

Legal Disclaimer Surrounding GDPR

By using this bot on your server, you should be made aware that the bot has access to see EVERY message you send in ANY channel that it has access to. All discord.py bots have this capability, and I am constantly updating my logging techniques to better handle bugs that occur. If you are uncomfortable with that, you have the option of not using this bot.

I do not distribute, sell, or use this information for anything other than debugging and reporting abuse to Discord.

Again, If you have any issues with this, don't use the bot, or contact me if you need clarification on what I'm logging.