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Nate Bot - A Multi Purpose Discord Bot!

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A fun, but helpful Discord Bot. Nate Bot is a multi purpose Discord Bot with quality features and commands for your Discord Server. Commands included are a Global Economy and Games System (With Statistics and Leaderboards), various roleplay commands, Moderation, Discord Lookup commands for members, invites, servers, search commands to lookup Statistics of a Particular game, Clans, Customisation and so much more! Nate Bot knows multiple languages, customisable prefixes for every server and REQUIRES NO VOTING AT ALL!

  • Economy and Games:
    Profiles, Badge Purchasing, Levelling, Games where you can earn Money and Points and Giving Reputation! Fun Games where stats are tracked and initiate competition via leaderboards.
  • Moderation and Automation:
    Protect your server from Rule Breakers with a range of Moderation Commands such as Ban, Kick, Purge, Warn. All come with its custom logging where you can track user activity on the server, even customisable to your preferences!
  • Roleplay:
    Hugs, Kisses, Dogs, Koalas, Patting and even Shipping? There is a heap more Roleplay commands that Nate Bot has! All tracked by statistics, Nate Bot's roleplay system is the most fun yet!
  • Giveaways:
    Initiate Giveaways with ease with Nate Bot's unique Giveaway System and manage them with a variety of commands. You can also create giveaways with our very own interactive giveaway creation command, much easier!
  • Clans:
    Want to group up with friends? Nate Bot Clans can let you do that! Simply create a clan with a name, invite members, customise and you're done!

And there is so much more!

Get started by using n!help once you invited Nate Bot to your server.

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