Warframe Alerts


This bot posts to your discord server with the newest Warframe alerts; keep your group informed. Access setup information with +help.

Warframe Alerts Commands Prefix: +

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Created By: CFD# 1876

Warframe Alerts

Warframe Alerts bot posts warframe alerts to your discord server to help keep your group and community informed.

[Updates 20190129]

- Added functionality for language translation for alerts. Use +set lang [xx] utilizing ISO-639-1 code

[Updates 20190120]

- Began framework to add translations between languages for alerts
- Fixed an error that stopped alerts from sending if it failed to send on any servers this bot was connected to

Warframe Alerts bot requires that a few requirements be met:

- Warframe Alerts must be in a Bot role that has access to 'manage roles' permission
- A channel must be added called, 'warframe-alerts'
- A role must be created called, 'notify' (this will be used to manage those who get mentioned)
- 'notify' role must be below 'bot' role so that bot can manage it

Available commands are:

+help (setup information, admin only)
+notifyme (adds the 'notify' role to anyone who types it)
+unfollow (removes the 'notify' role to anyone who types it)
+commands (lists available commands)
+set lang [xx] (This feature allows you to set the language that you receive alerts in)