Team Sushi Bot v2


Moderation and music bot includes music and moderation functions

Team Sushi Bot v2 Commands Prefix: sushi!


Bot prefix: sushi!

Help command: sushi!help

Moderation commands:

sushi!kick - kick user

sushi!ban - ban user

sushi!warn - warn user

sushi!tempban - temporary ban user

sushi!unban - unban user

sushi!mute - mute user

Music bot function commands:

sushi!play - play music if music is playing add to queue

sushi!rozłącz - stop music and leave channel

sushi!pause - stop music

sushi!resume - resume music

sushi!skip - play next music in queue or leave channel

sushi!nowplay - send now play music

sushi!queue - send queue

Join and leave messages channel:

sushi!setjoin (channel mention) - set users join messages channel

sushi!offjoin (channel mention) - remove users join messages channel

sushi!setleave (channel mention) - set users leave messages channel

sushi!offleave (channel mention) - remove users leave messages channel

Set moderation messages channel:

sushi!setmoderacja (channel mention) - set moderation messages channel

sushi!offmoderacja (channel mention) - remove moderation messages channel