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Cosmo is a bot with cryptocurrency functions such as charting, order book visualizations, news fetching, and much more!


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Cosmo is a multi-purpose Discord bot with a primary focus on cryptocurrency functions.

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Grabs ticker price based on provided exchange. Default exchange is Binance.

Command Aliases Args Example
- price -p Ticker, Exchange -p btc bitmex
- price2 -p2 Coin -p2 btc

Price Command


Ticker market depth from provided exchange. Default exchange is Binance.

Command Aliases Args Example
- depth -d Ticker, Exchange -d btc coinbase

Depth Command


Gathers upcoming events for a given coin or symbol. Provides a source and rates whether it is reliable or important.

Command Aliases Args Example
- news -n Symbol/Coin Name -n bitcoin -n bnb

News Command


Ticker chart from provided exchange. A chart image will be embedded into the chat and you can supply a timeframe, candlebar style, and indicators of your choice. Default exchange is Binance.

Timeframes: 1m, 3m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 3h, 4h, 1d, 1w
Candlestick Styles: bars, candles, line, area, renko, kagi, point-and-flag/paf, line-break/lb, heikin-ashi/ha, hollow-candles/hc
Indicators: accd, sadr/studyadr, aroon, atr, ao/awesomeoscillator/awesome, bb/bbands/bollingerbands, bbr/bbandsr/bollingerbandsr, bbw/bbandsw/bollingerbandsw, cmf/chaikinmoneyflow/chaikin, cmo/chande/chandemo, ci/choppinessindex/chopindex, cci, crsi, cc, dpo, dm, donch, dema, eom, efi, env, fisher/ft, hv, hmu, ichi/ichimoki/ic, keltner/kltnr, kst, lr, macd, mom, mfi, moon, ma, ema, wma, obv, psar, pphl, pps, po, pvt, roc, rsi, vi, rvi, smiei, smieo, stoch/srsi, tema, trix, ultimate, vstop, vol, vwap, vwma, williamsr, williamsa, williamsf, zz/zigzag

Command Aliases Args Example
- chart -c Ticker, Exchange (optional), Timeframe (optional), Candlebar Style (optional), Indicators (optional) -c eth binance 1d -c xbt bitmex 1h renko rsi

Chart Command


Ticker volume from provided exchange. Default exchange is Binance.

Command Aliases Args Example
- volume -v Ticker, Exchange -v btc bittrex

Volume Command


A heatmap of the altcoin and bitcoin dominance in the market, as well as their 24h volume change.

Command Aliases Args Example
- heatmap -hm -hm

Heatmap Command


A volatility index of all coins that have had significant price movement, both positive and negative.

Command Aliases Args Example
- volatility -vt -vt

Volatility Command


Blacklist functions include the ability to fetch an ID, submit an ID, or submit a removal request for an ID.

Command Aliases Args Example
- blacklist get -bl get Discord ID -bl get 225024818418810881
- blacklist submit -bl submit Discord ID, Reason -bl submit 225024818418810881 testing
- blacklist remove -bl remove Discord ID -bl remove 225024818418810881

Fun Commands

Jargon Generator

Generate some random jargon. Seed phrase optional.

Command Aliases Args Example
- jargon -fj,-j Seed Phrase -fj we are building

Antics Generator

Generate some random jokes.

Command Aliases Example
- jargon a -fj a,-j a -j a

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