Best music bot with radio stations, user playlists, AI to mix songs, 24/7 playing, charts, music recommendations

Created By: Mandruyd# 3234


Neeko is a completly free discord music bot with a lot of features.
Supports YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Mixer, Twitch, Vimeo, Bandcamp, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal and even music files sent to Discord.


If you vote for this bot you will unlock some features like: mashups, filters and volume.

By voting, you will also receive daily mixes based on your listening preferences.

Easy to use User Interface

Emojis for a easy command access
◀️ = Go back to previous song.
⏯️ = Pause/Resume the current song
⏹️ = Stop the current music session
⏭️ = Skip to the next song in the queue.
🔀 = Shuffle the queue
🔃 = Toggle repeat on/off.
ℹ️ = See what songs are in the queue.
📜 = Get the lyrics for the current song that's being played.
💙 = Add the current song to your favorites

Key features

What feature does it have? Well unlike other music bots, it has those features that make it's competitors a hard time:

  1. Unlimited queue length for your server.
  2. Volume controls.
  3. A lot of behaviour customizations.
  4. Ability to stream 24/7.
  5. You can save the current queue as playlists and can add more songs to the current playlists. What's the maximum songs you can add? UNLIMITED!
  6. You can add your songs to your favourites and play them whenever you want. Again, unlimited songs.
  7. You can play Song Quiz and compete with other users to get the highest points.
  8. You can mix 2 songs together using AI and play them.
  9. You get daily mixes tuned just for you based on your music preferences.
  10. Multi-language support.
  11. Equalizers.
  12. Autoplay songs when queue ends.
  13. Filters to change song's pitch and speed.
  14. Best audio quality for everyone, no restrictions.

Prefix (!prefix theNewPrefix)

Change the prefix on your Server

Language (!language)

Change the language on your Server. Each flag represents a language.

DJ role

Everyone with `manage server` permission is considered a DJ. Neeko will consider a dj those people with a role with DJ in their name and also those who've started the music session and the song requester.


If you find any bugs, need help or want to share feedback and/or feature requests feel free to join the Support Server and have a chat


If you added a song to your favourites(💙 emoji) it will get saved in your favorites
To play all your favorites you have to type '!fplay'.