Created By: Looat# 0001


Open bump is a free bot to advertise your own server. You can set a description of your server and everytime you bump your server, your advertisement wil be sent to other Discord servers with the bot on.

Getting Started

Once invited, set a description using ob!setdesc <Description>. Then, to allow other members to join your server, use ob!setinvite to set an invite. Now, you can use ob!bump to bump your server. If you need more help, check out the command list below or use ob!help to view them in Discord.

Set a bump channel

To receive other servers on your own server, create a channel for it. The channel can be named however you want, but bump or open-bump are common terms used. Then, use the command ob!setchannel <Channel> to set a bump channel. You will receive a cooldown reduction in return.

Bot Commands

This is a list of common commands, to see the full version just type ob!help on Discord.

Command Description
help View a list of available commands
bump Bump your server
setdescription Set your server's description
setinvite Set your server's invite link
setchannel Set a channel to receive bumps in
preview Display a preview of how your bump will look
support Get an invite to the support server