Automod, server moderation, League of Legends commands, Reddit, jokes, custom games and more.

A fun/utility bot with server moderation and games.

Notable commands:

Server Moderation:
  • Spam/mass ping detectors
  • Purging channels
  • Mute, tempmute, kick and ban commands
  • Message logging
  • Muted users trying to quit and rejoin the guild to evade mute? Nice try bro
  • Self-assignable roles
  • Search Reddit, Wikipedia, Google, etc.
  • Information on a role, server or user
  • Random number generator
  • Science related jokes, roasts and pickup lines
  • Timers and stopwatches
  • Tarot cards and fortune cookies
  • Colour roles (if enabled by mods)
League of Legends:
  • Get information on a summoner
  • Browse recent games from a summoner
  • A custom game ("Pineapple Fight") created by the devs
  • Russian roulette
  • The ability to rob or give other people pineapples
  • More to come