Fortnite Llama

A Fortnite Save the World bot that notifies you when there is a new Llama in the store! Never miss out any Llama's!!

  • Periodically - checks for new llama's in the shop
  • If - there are new llama's you get notified instantly!


  • Notifies - you when a Super People Llama drops

Super People Llama

Setup the bot

To setup the bot, you need to have the manage server permission or be the owner of the server.
To start the setup of the bot, please use the *start command in any channel. Make sure the bot can view that channel.


  1. *help - Help command
  2. *start - Start the setup
  3. *faststart - Setup the bot with 1 single command!. Usage: *faststart #channel @role
  4. *invite - Invite the bot to your server
  5. *support - Invites you to the support server
  6. *uptime - Shows the uptime
  7. *checkperm - Checks the bot permissions
  8. *vote - With voting you support the bot