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Nonzero is an engaging Discord Bot that brings fun and games to your server. Invite to play a range of our party games on your server.


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Approximately 15 months ago, we first unveiled the original plan for Nonzero to be a games and party bot. Today, it is our pleasure to announce that this plan has now been implemented and the bot now has a variety of games for users to play. Some of these games may seem familiar as we may have held events with them in the past, or implemented them directly from our users' suggestions. Currently, there are two types of games: Chat Games and (regular) Games. The list of regular games includes: - Cards Against Humanity - Chess - Connect 4 - Hangman - Hunger Games - Paper Scissors Rock - Tic Tac Toe - Trivia - Would You Rather These regular games are full-fledged games that you can play either against the bot or your friends. The bot is super easy so we recommend you play with your friends for the full experience. Chat Games, on the other hand, are on a much smaller scale, where the user can trigger the game and it'll give one simple reply/prompt. The list of Chat Games as of now are: - 8 Ball - Coinflip - Dice Roll - Russian Roulette - Truth or Dare Happy Playing! - The Nonzero Team


Introducing Nonzero Bot.

Invite Nonzero to your server to experience a range of our great features including:

  • Party Games
  • Discord Hunger Games Simulator
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Custom Image Commands
  • Interact Chess System with a Live Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Suggestions System
  • And more...

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