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An small and easy to use moderation and log bot. This bot will create a log channel and log everything. Some small secrets are integrated.



Lua. is a Moderation/Log bot to get you're server secure. The bot will be permanently get updates.

Setup: The bot will create a log channel if he join your server. So you don't even need to setup the bot. Just invite him and be safe.

Also, there some funny secrets, which are perfect for your server.

Feature: Log system:

Log every message send Log every message edit Log invite created Log invite deleted more logs coming soon Moderation system:

Easy ban command (Command: +ban [@member] - Permission: Ban member) Easy kick command (Command: +kick [@member] - Permission: Kick member) Easy nick command (Command: +nick [@member] [Nickname] - Permission: Manage Nicknames) Profile kick command (Command: +profile - Permission: No permission needed | +profile [@member] - Permission: Kick member) Block discord Invites (soon) Block discord Invites (soon) Spam protection (soon) User stuff:

Meme command Cute command (get a cute picture) Kiss command Hug command Tickle command Pat command Cuddle command Slap command

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