ThunderStorm 🌩


The ThunderStorm 🌩 BOT is a Music/Moderation Bot.

ThunderStorm 🌩 Commands Prefix: .

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Created By: Paradocxie# 1560

ThunderStorm 🌩

Your Music/Moderation Bot


help - shows you the help menu

help admin - shows you the admin help menu

info - shows you information about the bot

serverinfo- shows you information abot the just opened server

Music Commands

play - adding a song to the queue and playing it

pause - pauses the current playing song

resume - start playing the paused song

skip - skips to the next song in the queue

stop - stops playing and deleting the queue

Moderation Commands

kick - kicks a server-member

ban - bans a server-member

clear - will clear the chat

ThunderStorm 🌩