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Vocard leads to a comfortable experience which is user-friendly, It supports YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitch and more!


Server Count

Music Controller

Vocard has a music controller, this means, that you don't have to type many commands. For example, you can skip, pause, resume, loop or stop the song with the reactions.

Theme System

This is Vocard theme system. Theme will be applied to Music Controller and Reply messages.

Playlist System

This is the Vocard playlist system. You can save your favorites and use Vocard to play on any server

Setup Commands


?help - Show all the command
?theme - Show theme help menu.
?ping - Test if the bot is alive.
?prefix - Change your the server prefix.
?lang - Change the bot language.
?playlist - Show playlist help menu.


Music Commands


?play - Play or queue a song with the given query.
?search - Seaches for your query on Youtube.
?connect - Connect to a voice channel.
?equalizer - Change the players equalizer.
?nowplaying - Update the player controller.
?loop - Starts looping your current playing track.
?pause - Pause the currently playing song.
?queue - Display the players queued songs.
?resume - Resume a currently paused player.
?seek - Change the players position, The position as an int in milliseconds to seek to.
?replay - Reset the progress of the current song.
?shuffle - Shuffle the players queue.
?skipto - Skips to the specified song.
?skip - Skip the currently playing song.
?stop - Stop the player and clear all internal states.
?swap - Swap the current DJ to another member in the voice channel.
?changenode - Change the players current.
?volume - Change the players volume, between 1 and 100.
?lyrics - Displays lyrics for the track.


Other Bot - Hype

🌟You can visit our bot website to know more about advanced commands(60+) --> http://docs-hype.tk/commands/doc.html

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