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πŸ’Έ (formerly Discordtip) Send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Monero, Ripple, Lumen, Tron, Steem and other on Discord!


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Send cryptocurrency tips to anyone on Discord

tip.cc aims to make sending and receiving crypto easy even for cryptocurrency newbies. Send coins to users who don't even have a wallet!

  • no minimums and no fees on tips
  • tip multiple users at the same time with no transaction fees
  • make airdrops, rains and other community-engaging activites

tip.cc's unique features

Fun and games

Engage with your users or friends in games like airdrops, rains or coin flips.

Multiple cryptocurrencies supported

tip.cc gives you one wallet to use with over 90 cryptocurrencies.

Trader's and miner's tools

tip.cc provides plenty of tools for traders, miners and cryptocurrency lovers in general.

Free to use

Tips and airdrops are completely free of fees! Transfer coins to other users without worrying about network fees.

Easy to use

We made crypto payments simple for even non crypto-savvy people.

Instant deposit & withdrawals

We give you a native wallet-like experience with instant deposits and withdrawals. You can even use tip.cc as your regular wallet!

Simple, intuitive commands

tip.cc has a single, extensible command for tipping, soaking and raining on users. See our tipping tutorial to see how to use tip.cc's maximum potential.

User Reviews


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avatar of achatainga.eth
achatainga.eth 2 months ago

Tipcc bot is the best tip bot on Discord. They have many features which will benefit any crypto currency boost itself. For normal users it is fast and reliable. The team of tipcc are constantly providing support from their discord channel The amount of crypto currencies added are insane. They add more each month. I can only say tip.cc bot is the best out there for Crypto Currency tips


avatar of 1St8ment
1St8ment 2 months ago

As someone who has been using this bot for a long time, I can only admire the work that's been taken into creating the bot. Tipping people in crypto, setting up roles you can buy with crypto and everything without fees! Also a cool way to let new people learn about the cryptoworld or for devs to promote their project by listing their coin/token. Can confirm, even large amounts of crypto are safe within the bot! Easy to make use of the bot as your wallet.


avatar of Jinx
Jinx 2 months ago

Best tipbot in discord its very siple for useange.And admin and modarator are helpfull.


avatar of abobo
abobo 2 months ago

Best tipbot on Discord. Simple, powerful, free. Like what else do you need? ;)


avatar of Prussia
Prussia 2 months ago

Awesome. No fees tipping, and listing coins and tokens are cheap. Best tip bot in discord. Many cool features.


avatar of jams
jams 2 months ago

Best crypto currency bot on discord


avatar of II
II 2 months ago

Nice tip bot


avatar of MisterTurtle
MisterTurtle 2 months ago

Serious, fast, free, secure, powerful, rich in features... Btw it supports now more than 170 currencies ;)


avatar of Some1
Some1 2 months ago

Easy , Fast , Legit!


avatar of VirtuGrana
VirtuGrana 2 months ago

If I could, I would give 10 or 1000 or infinite stars. Very cool community, cool developer. Very intuitive commands, great guide. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to send cryptocurrency tips to friends, also to increasing their server engagement in the discord with airdrops, rains, games...


avatar of LucaTripsCommunity

Amazing tool. This will spark the beginning of Growth Hacking 3.0


avatar of Dragendave
Dragendave 2 months ago

Extremely cool Bot, many versatile Features to giveaway, airdrop and what not. Can be fine tuned to specific needs and supports a load of different currencies! Plus, it has a Crypto enabled Roles sale shop!! How cool is that. Time, Price and all as versatile as the rest!


avatar of Diabl0
Diabl0 1 month ago

Worst, useless and and very rude support

avatar of tip.cc
tip.cc 1 month ago

That's a strong opinion coming from someone who never had any interaction with the bot or the support, according to the logs at least.

Replying to Diabl0