Send cryptocurrency tips to anyone on Discord aims to make sending and receiving crypto easy even for cryptocurrency newbies. Send coins to users who don't even have a wallet!

  • no minimums and no fees on tips
  • tip multiple users at the same time with no transaction fees
  • make airdrops, rains and other community-engaging activites's unique features

Fun and games

Engage with your users or friends in games like airdrops, rains or coin flips.

Multiple cryptocurrencies supported gives you one wallet to use with over 90 cryptocurrencies.

Trader's and miner's tools provides plenty of tools for traders, miners and cryptocurrency lovers in general.

Free to use

Tips and airdrops are completely free of fees! Transfer coins to other users without worrying about network fees.

Easy to use

We made crypto payments simple for even non crypto-savvy people.

Instant deposit & withdrawals

We give you a native wallet-like experience with instant deposits and withdrawals. You can even use as your regular wallet!

Simple, intuitive commands has a single, extensible command for tipping, soaking and raining on users. See our tipping tutorial to see how to use's maximum potential.