Twix [BETA]


The Multi Purpose Discord Bot


Utility Commands

+say - To say your text\n +embed - To embed your Text\n +timer

Music Commands

+play - To play a song +np - To show the Now currently playing Song +queue - To show to server Queue +skip - To skip a song +stop - To stop the queue +volume - To increase or decrease volume +pause - To pause the queue +resume - To resume the queue

Economy Commands

+balance - To check your Balance +pay - To pay a user +daily - Get your daily reward +work - To work

Moderator Commands

+giveaway - To make a Giveaway +settings - To view the server settings

Miscellaneous Commands

+claculate - To do math +ping - To check the ping +server - To show server information +support - To get support from bot +bug - To send your Bug Report

Server Configuration Commands

+config-serverbio - To set server bio +config-supportrole - To set support role for ticket system

Ticket System Commands

+ticket-new - To create new ticket +ticket-close - To close the ticket ticket