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Temoc is an unofficial bot created for the UT Dallas Discord server that supports various UT Dallas-related commands






Search Commands !breakfast, !dinner, !lunch ― Posts the menu for Dining Hall West. !faculty [name] ― Searches the UT Dallas faculty directory for a certain faculty member. !grades [search] ― Searches UTD Grades for a certain course. !parking ― Posts available parking spaces on-campus. !ratemyprofessors [name] ― Searches RateMyProfessors' UT Dallas page for a certain professor. !servers ― Shows various UT Dallas-related Discord servers.

Information Commands !cometcabs, !cometcards, !enarc, !temoc, and more give information on various aspects of UT Dallas and its culture.

Other Commands !clap, !dance, !highfive, !wave, and more ― Posts a GIF reaction featuring Temoc.

Invite Temoc to Your Server Temoc is available for free in any student organization, staff, personal, or other server! Server admins can use the link below to add him to your server. http://bit.ly/TemocDiscordBot

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