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Easy Moderation, Highly customizable Anti-Spam, Nitro Booster Monitoring, Leveling, Advanced Moderation and more [100% Free]


h! - Customizable
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All Commands are listed in a very detailed help embed [h!help]

Currently working on a HUGE revamp

Ayako even allows you to send a message directly to the programmers if you have problems, suggestions, or questions [h!contact] (All messages sent via this command are treated confidentially and will only be viewable by trusted Ayako Developers and Managers) We will try to get back to you as soon as possible and if your idea seems good we will even add it with credit.

If you need help with your own bot or just some general advice the [h!contact] command can also be used for contacting our bot developers to help you. Preferably you can add the Bots owner as a friend and ask them directly.

Command list:

[ ] = required

( ) = optional

Help commands

  • h!help
    • Basic command overview
  • h!help setup
    • Best commands to start setting up Ayako for your server
  • h!help settings
    • Settings about how the bot works on your server
  • h!help info
    • Shows various information commands
  • h!help fun
    • Shows various fun commands
  • h!help mod
    • Shows various modding commands
  • h!help giveaway
    • Shows various giveaway commands
  • h!help roles
    • Everything about Roles and Selfroles
  • h!help leveling
    • Everything about Levels, Levelsettings and LevelRoles
  • h!help spez
    • Shows server specific commands
  • h!help nitro
    • List of commands used for Monitoring Nitro Boosters
  • h!help logging
    • List of commands used for Ayako logging
  • h!help antispam
    • List of commands used for AntiSpam

Moderation commands

  • h!ban [ID or Mention] (Reason)
    • Bans a User from the Server
  • h!unban [ID or Mention]
    • Unbans a User from the Server
  • h!kick [ID or Mention] (Reason)
    • Kicks a User from the Server
  • h!mute [ID or Mention] (Reason)
    • Assings the Muterole to the User
  • h!unmute [ID or Mention]
    • Removes the MuteRole from the User
  • h!tempmute [ID or Mention] [duration] (Reason)
    • Mutes a User for the given amount of time
  • h!clear (ID or Mention)
    • Clears messages sent by a specific User if told to
  • h!announce [Channel ID] [Message]
    • Sends an Announcement to a Channel
  • h!check [ID or Mention]
    • Displays all previous punishments of a User
  • h!pardon [ID or Mention] [warn/mute] [Punishment ID] (Reason)
    • Removes a punishment from the h!check command
  • h!edit [ID or Mention] [warn/mute] [Punishment ID] (New Reason)
    • Edits the Punishment Reason in the h!check command
  • h!adminrole [Role ID or mention]
    • Set an Admin-Role
  • h!trialmodrole [Role ID or mention]
    • Set a Trialmod-Role
  • h!modrole [Role ID or mention]
    • Set a Mod-Role
  • h!adminperms
    • View the Permissions of the Admin-Role
  • h!trialmodperms
    • View the Permissions of the TrialMod-Role
  • h!modperms
    • View the Permissions of the Mod-Role
  • h!setperms [mod/trial/admin] [permission name] [deny/allow]
    • Grant or Deny Permissions of a Moderator Role

Nitro commands

  • h!nitrosetup
    • A 2 step command to setup Nitro Monitoring on your server
  • h!nitrosettings
    • Display your servers Nitro Settings
  • h!nitrorole [role ID or mention] [days]
    • A role your members will be given once boosted for longer than the given amount of days
  • h!boostertop
    • Leaderboard of your Servers Booster sorted by days

Leveling commands

  • h!rank
    • Displays your current rank
  • h!levels
    • Displays the servers leaderboard
  • h!globallevels
    • Displays the global leaderboard
  • h!leveling
    • Edit the levelsettings of your server
  • h!levelrole [role ID or mention] [amount of levels needed]
    • Set Levelroles members receive upon getting a certain level
  • h!levelrole delete [role ID]
    • Delete a role from the levelroles
  • h!levelsettings
    • Leaderboard of your Servers Booster sorted by days

Giveaway commands

  • h!giveaway
    • Guides you step by step through a giveaway setup (supports server and role requirements)
  • h!giveawayreroll [message ID]
    • Rerolls the Giveaway with matching ID
  • h!giveawaydelete [message ID]
    • Deletes the Giveaway with matching ID
  • h!giveawayedit [message ID] [new Winner Count]
    • Edits the Winner Count of a Giveaway

Info commands

  • h!ping

    • Calculates the Latency of the bot
  • h!uptime

    • Displays the time since last bot restart
  • h!info

    • Displays basic Bot informations
  • h!membercount

    • Shows how many members the Server has
  • h!serverinfo

    • Shows various information about the Server
  • h!userinfo

    • Displays various Information about a User (User does not have to be a member of the server)
  • h!test

    • Tests the bot's functionality and lists its Permissions and Server Settings
  • h!time

    • Displays current UTC time
  • h!workload

    • Displays the current RAM and CPU occupation and more
  • h!roleinfo [role ID]

    • Displays various information about a role
  • h!inrole [role ID]

    • Displays all members with that role

Fun commands

  • h!pat
  • h!hug
  • h!cuddle
  • h!poke
  • h!nom
  • h!lick
  • h!slap
  • h!stare
  • h!kill
  • h!kiss
  • h!bloodsuck
  • h!peck
  • h!pout
  • h!lewd
  • h!thighsleep
  • h!peek
  • h!holdhands
  • h!bite
  • h!tickle
  • h!smile
  • h!awoo
  • h!blush
  • h!yeet
  • h!sleep
  • h!araara
  • h!dance
  • h!cry
  • h!highfive
    • You get a better overview of each of those commands when you execute h!help fun
  • h!tsundere
    • Gives a random tsundere quote
  • h!8ball
    • Let 8ball decide your fate
  • h!interactionsmode [small/big]
    • Set the interactionsmode of interactions
  • h!snipe
    • Sends the last deleted message of the channel
  • h!spanking [true/false]
    • Some people dont want the Spanking Command to be used on them. Deny or Allow the usage of that command here

Miscellaneous commands

  • h!time
    • Displays the current UTC/GMT time
  • h!welcomechannel [Hex Color Code] [Channel] [Ping? yes/no]
    • Sets what channel is used to greet new Members
  • h!welcomeimage [link to image or gif]
    • This image will be used whenever a new Member joins
  • h!welcomemessage [message]
    • This message will be displayed whenever a new Member joins (if not defined, the standart message will be used)

Other commands

  • h!help owner

    • Shows what commands the Bot Owner uses to make the bot
  • h!invite

    • Gives you an invite for the bot, and the bots Support server
  • h!contact [Text]

    • Let's you contact the Owner directly
  • h!prefix [set/clear] [prefix]

    • Let's you set a custom prefix (The standart prefix still applies)

Utility commands

  • h!addrole [hex color code] [name]
    • Creates a role with basic permissions
  • h!announce [channel ID or mention] [message]
    • Send a message in form of an announcement to the mentioned channel
  • h!avatar {user ID or Mention}
    • Get the Profile Picture of someone
  • h!customembed [channel ID or mention]
    • Guides you through a Custom Embed creation
  • h!messagelog [channel ID or mention]
    • Enables Message Logging
  • h!modlog
    • Enables Mod Logging
  • h!reminder [time] [Message]
    • The bot reminds you after the given amount of time
  • h!addselfroles
    • Adds a selfrole to self-assingable roles
  • h!removeselfroles
    • Removes a selfrole from self-assignable roles
  • h!selfroles
    • Displays all self-assignable roles
  • h!iam
    • Assings a selfrole to the executor (can be used by everyone)
  • h!iamnot
    • Removes a selfrole from the executor (can be used by everyone)

AntiSpam commands

  • h!antispam [enable/disable]
    • Enables or Disables antispam
  • h!antispamsetup
    • Guides you through the AntiSpam setup process
  • h!antispamsettings
    • Shows you the current AntiSpam settings
  • Add bypass: h!antispambypass [mention or ID]
    • Valid IDs or mentions: Roles | Channels | Users
  • Remove bypass: h!antispambypass delete [mention or ID]
    • Valid IDs or mentions: Roles | Channels | Users

Other commands

  • h!settings [enable / disable] [command Category]
    • Disable or Enable a command category
  • h!categories
    • Display all command categories
  • h!setcooldown [command name] [channel/server] [cooldown]
    • Applies a cooldown to the command either in the whole server or just in the channel it's used in
  • h!vote
    • Displays all websites where you can vote for Ayako

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